1:40 , 1:58
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Huge, dramatic and intense cinematic epic hybrid trailer. Gothic choir merged with tragic strings build a massive percussive climax.
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Powerful, strong, and dramatic track with modern dubstep groove. Featuring digital synth, strings, swelling pads, groovy drums and pop piano. A perfect arrangement with a lot of tension and energy for your video project.
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Dramatic epic cinematic track.
0:59 , 1:24U
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Urban Movement is a strong hip hop track featuring orchestral strings, piano, and a banging beat.
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Alternative metal/rock instrumental featuring electric guitar, pads, and drums.
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An epic, cinematic background track featuring a rich orchestra, choir and powerful percussion.
1:23 , 1:00, 1:03, 2:07
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Epic and emotional dubstep featuring staccato strings, violins, brass and other.
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A hybrid cinematic track with huge percussions and string orchestra.
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East coast hip hop loop featuring keyboard synths, bass, and modded pianos.
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This is very emotional hybrid orchestra royalty free dubstep track featuring cello and violin to create a triumphant texture.
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A very determined neo-classical hip hop tune with a strong lyrical string melody.
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Light melodic chill tune, featuring acoustic piano, violin, and electronic drums.
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A powerful epic cinematic hybrid orchestral trailer featuring orchestra strings, female choir, epic drums, digital sound effects and rock guitars.
1:00 , 2:00
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Powerful Epic Dramatic Cinematic Scene Trailer music with exciting sound.
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This is my new corporate background music 15s loop, pop rock modern energetic 15sec music with uplifting and powerful positive mood.
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An energetic, percussive and pulsating hybrid orchestra track with synths and electric guitars.
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New and Old Phenomenon Hip Hop.
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Dramatic and proud instrumental track featuring classic guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings and electronic drums.
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No Limits is a very intense, dark and aggressive trap style instrumental.
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A powerful, aggressive and heroic hip hop track!
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A dark and ominous fast moving track.
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Powerful Hip-Hop track with catchy riff played by digital synth.
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