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Technological high-tech track with simple glitch effect.
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Modern and futuristic urban background track with glitch effect. Included electric piano, glitchy elements, pads and modern drum line. Perfect for fantasy and tech videos, modern car commercials, exciting space travel, cosmology, gliding through the universe and stars, new technologies, and innovations.
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Elegant background track in technology corporate genre. Great for glamorous advertising, video presentation, fashion show, corporate video, infographics, marketing slideshow, and more. Featuring pompous rhythmic drum beats, magic sine water drops plucks, deep warm acoustic bassline, piano chords, futuristic phasing pads, creative arrangement, noisy sound effects, lush synthesizers.
1:34 , 3:00U, 3:00
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This track is pop dance piece with elements of Trance.
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Technology themed tune that includes flageolet guitar, glitch synthesizer parts, groovy drums, and futuristic minimal techno elements. Great for innovations and new products, robotics, fresh development, contemporary design, etc.
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Electronic corporate track with groovy melody, drum parts, future sound of techno. Perfect for a fashion show, technological overviews, night club parties, energetic workout, informational videos, teamwork, corporate videos, marketing slideshow, success story, infomercials, promotional and training videos, new product demos, etc.
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An upbeat electronic track with Hi-Tech synth effects. Perfect as a background music for computer games, corporate presentations or podcasts.
1:41 , 0:36, 1:48
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This is my new, really motivational, aggressive and powerful, noisy loud club dance track. Featuring many bright instruments – electric bright distortion driving guitar, synth bass, exciting confident rhythmical drums, etc. This energetic track can be used as a musical background for websites, action video games and corporate video, football soccer games, extreme show, different sports or tv news, etc. Enjoy!
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"Innovation and Technology” is an energetic and uplifting electronic track featuring an innovative synth tune, strong electro beat and futuristic sound. Recommended usages : promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, projects related to modern lifestyle, sports, science, technology and innovation. I’ve added 2 additional edits for maximum flexibility and comfort in your production.
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Stylish Background Music with rhythm of Electro & Tech, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.
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Experimental techno track, with easy electric organ melody, progressive techno elements, and glitch effects. Great for high-class car commercials, robotics, innovations, video games, and projects needing dynamic fun and excitement!
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That's a pretty positive melody.
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A powerful, hypnotic and inspiring electronic track with futuristic hi-tech feel. This deep tribal techno arrangement features atmospheric pads, electronic motives ( beeps, clicks ), dirty synth bass and strong electronic beat. This unique piece of music would be great for background video use, especially in science and technolgy marketing promo videos, projects related to nature, design, fashion and art, web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation. It reflects innovation, research and creativeness, as well as primacy and intuition.
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Stylish background music with the rhythm of house music, great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.
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Electronic techno pop instrumental piece with a lot of synthesizers, drum machine and synth bass. Straight techno groove.
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A special track with strong rhythm and groove.
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Dynamic and energetic electronic track made with electric guitars and synths.
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A happy, laid-back song that makes you feel like cruising along!
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Bouncy mysterious song performed on synthesizers.
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Electronic keyboard phrases and digital synths combine to create a hi-tech style track.
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Scary acid jazz electronic track featuring electronic drum machine and lot of synthesizers and effects
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