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Graceful Moments is a peaceful, quite with a soft and worm pads and atmospheres and a cool Nylon guitar riff. Ideal for an atmospheric underscore, documentary films, nature, animals, travels etc.
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A dreamy, sweeping ambient chillout track in western style. Features an ethereal piano melody, a modern rhythm and an atmospheric guitar playing in the background.
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Ambient tech track with pleasant and warm pads featuring complexed and detailed rhythm section.
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Loving, intimate and melodic song with clean spacious guitar and loving guitar melodies.
1:55 , 2:15
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Deliberate, punchy arrangement of electric guitars, piano, organ, bass, drums, and percussion suggested for crime-in-progress scenes and dive bar segments reminiscent of retro TV detective series scores.
1:01 , 1:46U
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Corporate Atmosphere smooth and peaceful downtempo track suitable for business and corporate projects.
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Modern, smooth and somehow sensual blues-rock track.
1:49 , 1:00, 2:32, 2:32U
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Smooth and ambient chillout music.
1:54 , 0:33, 2:18, 2:18U
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Reflective, smooth and modern chillout track with urban vibes.
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This is a moving soft guitar and pads melody.
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Emotional and romantic music track featuring catchy electric guitar riffs, sexy bluesy solos, bass, drums and percussive instruments.
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Soft, warm, peaceful melody in the lounge style for instrumental quartet: electric piano, electric guitar, bass and drums.
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A very poignant guitar track.
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This bright and cheerful melody for acoustic guitar and small ensemble creates a mood of celebration and happiness.
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This emotional loop is accompanied by a rhythm that reflects a clock tickin and the time melting away.
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Virtual Hammond B4 organ plays relaxed, reflective melody accompanied by guitar, bass strings, and light percussion, invoking peace of mind, calmness, harmony.
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Tiredness after a busy day can be a pleasant tiredness.
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Bass loop with ritm.
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