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1:54 , 2:35U
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Asian Summer seamlessly combines the natural with the electronic, blended together in a melting point of lush found sounds.
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Light beautiful melody loop with Digital Synth Bells Sound and Percussion. Perfect background music for winter holidays season.
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Groovy, inspiring, stylish loop in tech corporate genre with pompous drum beats, warm sub bassline, elegant synthesizers, mute and acoustic guitar, background pads and more.
1:45 , 0:33, 1:03, 1:54
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Funny and playful dance track with a joyful and comical feel. Featuring Chinese traditional reeds, quirky synths, saxophones, synth bass, and electronic beat.
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A happy and catchy, electronic dance tune useful for various corporate, commercial or social media applications.
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A wonderful and lively party celebration with a joyful and upbeat electronic track that loops seamlessly.
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This one is a beautiful dance track for various purposes.
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Positive, funky electro pop with playful guitars, catchy melodies, and groovy beats.
2:00 , 0:28, 2:25, 2:25
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Super positive and fun, merry Christmas track with holiday joyful mood!
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This is my new, super positive, "Santa Hurries for Christmas" music track with holiday beautiful mood!
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This is my new positive children kids game short looped music track with cheerful a Christmas mood, which contains soft synths and holiday bells solo, dance drums and bass.
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'Auld Land Syne' is a contemporary, upbeat and energetic rendition of the popular song often played to celebrate New Year!
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Optimistic and uplifting song.
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Pleasant, laid back song that makes you feel optimisitic.
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Shining atmospheric track.
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Sparkly Decorations is a catchy track, that would create a festive atmosphere to your project.
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Relaxing mellow track that builds up.
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