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    • Mid-tempo alternative rock track. Dynamic and emotive, consist of electric guitars, piano, wide bass and drums. Great for TV show and advertising.

      Upbeat arpeggiated synth groove track with a cool pad backing and upbeat drums and bass.

      Upbeat piano synth groove track with an instantly catchy lead

      Grooving breakbeat with a beautiful flute with skips and jumps in the rhythm.

      A beautiful little laid back section of a full instrumental piece that I wrote a few years back and appears on my first cd. Puts you in the mind of just kicking back and enjoying the evening.

      Energetic music in a modern dance style. Create a mood of activity and liveliness.

      This track consist of taste and flavour of hot Havana's night. Track performed by various brass, acoustic piano, electric guitar and massive drums with Cuban percussion.

      Jazzy little verse section going into the bridge of a piece I wrote a few years back on my cd entitled "Scatterbrain". Features me on soprano sax. Really cool.

      A slight sneaky feel, with rhythm, brass & piano. A bit "Pink Pantherish". Really cool.

      A small bit of Louisiana blues styling with guitar and organ. Old time foot stompin music.

      A funky little track with guitar, bass, drums and conga's. Just kinda moves right along with a definite ending.

      This track is instrumental and has a focus on intensity. A few airy effects give this track a feel of action or suspense basically as a theme song for a tv show or a bit of underscore for a scene.

      Colombian cumbia. Drums, congas, shaker, electric bass, marimba, accordion playing melody.

      Steady swing feel Am reggae with melody. Drums, electric bass, electric guitar, clavi, electric organ playing melody.

      Hot contemporary dance track with edgy synth sounds over a driving stomp beat. A little bit of piano in second part of track.Great for club or fashion scenes,as well as any sports or action project.

      60s like Bb rock and roll with a large intro part. Drums, electric bass, electric organ, electric guitar playing riff. No melody, background only.

      Stylish and deep background music with catchy rhythm of house beats and beautiful fashion mood. Great for commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything modern or fashion

      Steady southern soul jazz in Gm. Drums, small percussion, electric bass, electric organ, electric piano. Contrasting bridge after middle part. No melody,background only.

      C major powerful latin funk music with a contrasting salsa - like middle part. Drums, electric double bass, electric bass, electric guitar, electric piano, funky clavi, congas, tambourine.

      Medium fast chicago electric blues swing Bb, drums, double bass, piano, electric organ, no melody, typical riff, with ending

      This hard rap beat loop can be used as a powerful background for advertising, commercials, podcasts or even motivational corporate presentation.

      Stylish and deep background music with catchy vocal and rhythm of hip-hop beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Uplifting, positive and feel-good track that gives more joy and emotions to your multimedia projects. Would be great for corporate use.

      Mighty electric bass guitar cut through fat synth mix. This track is great for advertising.

      Funky House Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      A sweet saxophone melody, a brush sound of old drums, a frayed contrabass, an acoustic guitars and old good Lesley keyboard, all these are perfect mix to make a perfect atmosphere of friends' meeting.

      Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Raindrops run down the window and its cold out here without you, but hope brings people toghether. No matter where you are i will always ...

      Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Authentic Cuban song "Guajira" with slow touch of melancholy. Piano, double bass, latin percussion - congas, guiro, bell tree, rain stick, cowbell, vibraslap, timbales, string pad.

      Funky style melody performed by electric piano with guitar. Drums and bass play catchy rhythm.

      Electronic reggae background with no solos. Light, groovy Caribbean feel. Loopable. Electric piano, bass, synthesizers, drums, percussion.

      Acoustic guitar straight melody

      Spanish acoustic guitar theme.

      Slow playing ambient melody.

      Witches and vampires welcome to the party everybody who thinks they can dance and show off themselves. The jackpot is a witches broom.

      Electric guitar and trumpet disco funk music.

      Cinematic film score with a sad and dark grand piano melodies, strings and percussion. Emotional music great for a movie, video, documentary soundtrack.

      Upbeat and fun Cuban music, featuring live horns and a fun pianos. Great to add a bright Cuban vibe to any scene!

      Trumpet with harp play cosmic dub melody, synth pads with drum beat make a background.

      Fast and energetic track. Many clean guitars with and without wah effect. Electric organ with slap bass in the background along with overdrive electric guitar plays a melody.

      A laid back soft piano melody complemented by a groovy bass line.

      "I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)" is a traditional and popular Christmas carol from England. Percussion starts a rhythm. Whistle and electric piano plays the melody. Harp and orchestral strings continue track growing.

      Mid tempo track with airy pads and clean electric guitar in background. Electric piano plays dreamy melody.

      Long road is full of strange, but original things opened for a perception. Powerful orchestral music with brass and flute as lead role.

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