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  • HEART STRINGS is an ultimate techno mix. You can feel the magic of thumping effects from its initial beats. The siren sound, chiming sound and modern elements make it an ideal sound of 21st century.

    SLEEPY CRAYFISH is the composition which is altogether dominated by some simple yet effective drum and piano work. Added techno elements bring some good variations into the track.

    That melody loop will surely give you an inspirational feel. There are few techno elements included and the sound of the piano is exceptionally stirring. The title comprehensively supports the sound.

    Quickie sounds like an afro style melody loop. Its thumping sound of Kongo and delicate piano sound with some dance elements make it an awesome composition.

    NEW BEGINNING sounds very jovial, pleasant yet energetic. It's predominated by wonderful piano work with slight techno elements included. Just a perfect melody loop to start off your day.

    Gypsy Balkan music.

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