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    • A fun, upbeat track with positive emotion and a bit of quirky. Ukulele, electric piano, violin, flute and glockenspiel bring out innocent and friendly tone. Use anywhere a sense of childlike and enjoyment needs to be invoked.

      A happy and cheerful whistling and glockenspiel melody, supported by rhythmic ukelele and acoustic guitars over a powerful upbeat drum groove with tom toms and handclaps.

      This is a positive upbeat track which features ukulele, piano, glockenspiel and female choir. Feel the positivity of this track! Suitable for presentations, radio, tv, commercials, etc.

      A dynamic electronic track in a positive mood. Featured instruments are oldschool and 8 bit synths. It would be nice for arcade game, hi tech or game videos.

      Positive acoustic music recorded with piano trio. Funny melodies, optimistic and chill out mood

      It's like every year. Suddenly christmas is there. Then you jump up and search in a fever of excitement for a gift. Good luck! :-) A funny jazzy loop draws this picture of being in a hurry with a wink.

      African flute, tribal drums and continuous African percussion create a traditional adventurous African track with many joyful uplifting elements. The instrumentation conveys African village life and tourism making it ideal for documentary's and travel. The theme is also very suitable as an animal theme or used to represent wildlife.

      Cheerful, upbeat track featuring ukulele, piano, claps, bass, bells playing a catchy melody suitable for the needs of TV advertisement or your video project presentation! I can editing any time to fit your needs. Feel free to contact me through my profile page. Enjoy!

      Get ready for action! Aggressive and dark percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

      A snappy loop with drumbeats, acoustic rhythm guitar sound and synths. Bright bell melodies combined with evolving layer pads for a light feeling. Versatile background track.

      Dubstep-inspired rock guitars play A/B patterns in 83 second loop, trading riffs accompanied by double bass drum and percussion patterns. Suggested for urban dance sequences, crime-in-progress scenes, low rent settings and streetwise crews.

      Positive track made with acoustic guitars.It would be nice for positive video, video game or slideshow.

      Happy and joyful true country track. Optimistic guitar, friendly atmosphere, positive harmony create a great mood!

      This music brings good luck! Simple and soulful melody, happy feeling and a cute little four-stringed ukulele. Music for your good mood and happy memories.

      A funny track with funky groove feeling. Move your .ss but don't touch my .ss ;-)

      An upbeat, motivational theme consisting of piano, bass and drums. This track is suitable for corporate, business or commercial use.

      This is an electronic style musical sequence environment. Low speed. Se trata de una secuencia musical de estilo electrónico ambiental. De poca velocidad.

      This is a short country western uplifting tune with a great country banjo, mandolin and ukelele riffs thats ideal for any cartoon, kids, comedy or holiday video project.

      Positive and bizarre track for intellectual games, puzzles, quests.

      A nice, upbeat, fun and positive track with glockenspiel, ukulele, drums and bass. This is a positive business / corporate track that is also good for use in commercials and other productions requiring light and joyful background music. Optimistic, motivating, happy and inspiring.

      Sweet rhodes chords, jazz piano and acoustic drums. Elegant chillout track with acid jazz elements. Great for your lounge club playlist, for your luxury goods, shop, travel channels and TV broadcasts.

      60 second song featuring fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, piano and an organ. This song has a swingy, driving feel moving forward with a determined purpose.

      "Classical Lullaby Theme" is a soft and cute, gentle and calm bedtime lullaby music with a nice box music, glockenspiel and orchestra. Relaxing and calm. Sleep tight.

      Upbeat, rapid ukulele chords with sweet celeste melody and kids choir. Fast, happy and exciting!

      Modern electronic piece with a funk vibe. Features synthesizer, percussion, and drum machine.

      Groovy stylish Retro Disco track in the style of Daft Punk with a vocoder voice line, funky guitars and a straight dancible disco bass and drum groove. Perfect instrumental background for fashion shows and stylish presentations or commercials.

      Light and easy, jazzy pop track. Uplifting and positive midtempo easy listening music with piano melody, soft drum machine beat. Optimistic fun and lighthearted underscore for modern Sophisticated feel and elegant elite life style.

      Positive and dynamic funky track. Featured instruments are electric guitars, electric piano and electric organ. Perfect for casual game, website or broadcast.

      Positive reggae track in a sunny mood. Featured instruments are electric guitars. Good for hotel or vacation videos.

      Holidays, christmas, family vacation, travel, adventure... It's here. Jolly tune for cheerful people. For big and small, young and old for a good mood. Enjoy! :)

      Positive and dynamic track in a good mood. Featured instruments are electric organ and electric guitars . Perfect for positive video, advertising, casual game or slide show.

      Samba & Bossa Nova styled piece featuring electric piano, upright bass, nylon string guitar, drums, and percussion. In the style of Cafe del Mar.

      A funcky hip-hop beat with guitar and piano

      Old fashioned and sweet, this upbeat tune is all you need for happy nostalgia!

      A super funky uptempo track. Big beats, funky guitars and fat synths make this a great track for many uses. In the vain of Fatboy Slim, Junkie XL, The Chemical Brothers.

      Buoyant chillout track with lots of asian elements, almost jazzy and out of the box. Catchy and light, moving and funny. Close your eyes and feel this cool vibe go deep into your soul and bring joy to your heart.

      Wild and furious electronic music track. Suitable for halloween.

      The mysterious mystical track with a strained mood. Good for tense moments like halloween etc.

      A bright, slightly pensive melody that includes instruments like electric piano, organ, music box. Suitable for advertisements, short movies, or any other project that requires romantic background feel.

      Enjoy bouncy rhythms of island groove. It will give you a sunny mood, colorful emotions and a thirst for adventure, exploration of exotic cultures and wild nature.

      Banjo galore! Fast, furious and energetic Banjo track. This track will transport you straight to the south America of the 1930's! Mississippi here I come!

      This is a new music variation on famous Swan Lake Theme by Tchaikovsky. Good as background music for comic videos, cartoons or western movies.

      Antique sleighbells, electric guitar, bass, drums, piano and percussion combine for uplifting festive winter holiday arrangement suggested for media spots, underscoring of feel-good seasonal scenes a la Norman Rockwell and Thomas Kinkade. Key of D, 120 bpm

      Halloween style children's piece with a 'haunted house' feel. Slightly creepy sounding but nothing too scary for younger consumers. Horror-styled instrumentation is frequently softened with more magical-like musical phrases. Features pizzicato cello phrases with mysterious music box and flute elements. Useful for kids games and apps involving witches, weird creatures, strange landscapes, spooky characters etc..

      Retro, tradional piano music great for comedy, humorous projects. This music is rhythmic and bouncy with a funny mood

      Energetic dance groove, similar to David Letterman's Late Night band, has 2 sections. Punchy rhythm section with bass guitar, synth, organ, electric guitar and drums. Suggested for upbeat TV and radio production spots, narration underscoring, PSAs. Key of C, 120 beats/min

      Cheerful catchy upbeat ukulele track with a fun ukulele / glockenspiel melody and a bouncy light hearted rhythm section of handclaps, guitars, ukulele, piano and percussion.

      Piano, acoustic guitars, bass and tambora-style percussion with real guira play upbeat twelve bar blues pattern inspired by music of the Dominican Republic. Suggested for underscoring of sunny destination vacation scenes, similar to music played welcoming airport travelers. Key of A, 140 bpm

      Marimba loop in tropical flavor and dreamy sweet feeling. Rich sound and nice melody. Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian, island related music.

      Maracas and African wind instrumentation combine to create a peaceful flowing African melody full of atmospheric charm and vibrancy. Ideal background music for film, TV or advertising documentary.

      Catchy and funny theme with xylophone leads good for cartoons, children's or casual games, short video clips, etc

      Ironic positive music. The best choice for a fun adventure scenes.

      An uplifting and powerful pop track. The rhythmic electric guitar, digital synth elements and the drum groove all create an agressive and inspirational vibe. Great for corporate videos, commercials and more.

      Silly Pre-school children's/cartoon, game theme suggesting a mini-search or quest with a very weird and strange melody resembling weird jelly creatures or something mysterious happening. Great for puzzle game theme music.

      Upbeat synthesizer motifs are accompanied by arrangement of synth bass, subtle pads and percussion in 54 second loop. Suggested for media spots, public service announcements, sound design for corporate applications depicting efficiency and productivity. Key of C, 120 beats/min

      Uplifting, bright and bouncy feel-good pop track. Clean electric guitars and emotional piano merge on a drum beat. Positive, happy and calm vibes. Great background music for business, corporate, TV and film use. Commercials, presentations, weather, reports, breaks, daytime TV.

      Short medieval style jig with Irish Celtic lilt melody. Very upbeat and catchy, with traditional hand clapping Irish styled melody. The instruments used include harmonica, acoustic guitars and mouth organ making it ideal for Irish themed advertising and TV broadcast projects.

      Banjo-based jolly piece suggesting a character engaged in some gainful activity with a farming theme. Catchy melody featuring many funny ups and downs. Suggests movement a traveling slowly, possibly a tractor or horse.

      Light melodic rhythmic bell sounds and minimal orchestral elements with a relaxed earthy beat. Suits commercials and backgrounds and also good for an outro in loop to fade.

      Very heartwarming, light and uplifting melody featuring acoustic piano, glockenspiel, guitar, bassoon, flute, clarinet, ukulele, accordion and drums. Great for any kind of project related to kids.

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