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0:59 , 2:07U
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A wonderfully light and positive chill out summer track. Featured of ukulele rolling melody, chill house pumping bass, dreamy synths, light dance drums with percussion. Great for different multimedia use, business, corporate adverts, picnic on the weekend, etc.
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On the horizon is visible crystal castle, from which heard the magic sounds of the harp, guitar, celesta and percussion .
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This is calm and positive track in a peaceful mood.
1:45 , 0:19, 1:02, 2:10U, 2:10
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A chill-out/lounge track.
1:35 , 2:04, 2:04U
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This is calm and quiet track featuring muted bass guitar and ambient synths.
1:53 , 2:23
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This is calm, warm, peaceful and beautiful background music with ambient atmosphere.
1:51 , 3:45
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This is a soft and quiet atmospheric track, with smooth and gentle flute and pads.
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An ambient and atmospheric electronic piece.
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Stylish, peaceful and future chill ambient music track featuring beautiful synth pads, leads, liquid drum beat.
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A very relaxing piece, featuring a blend of soft instrumentation.
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Technologically and innovative high-tech ambient background music track.
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Ambient atmospheric cinematic music piece.
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This can be the perfect music for presenting a holiday resort, the exquisite facilities of a luxurious hotel or real estate.
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An uplifting, airy and light-hearted minimalist track, featuring some nice mystical voices and a simple and repetitive in yet not distracting echoing bells sequence.
1:00 , 1:23
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Calming Celesta and piano backed with soft choir vocals blend together to make a heavenly, slightly magical, delicate melody conveying joy and happiness and enchantment.
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A relaxing and uplifting chillout track, with a steady groove, music box melodies and acoustic guitar.
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Very chill music with a changing variety of lead instruments all through the song.
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This peaceful new age fusion combines a modern world style with a tranquil and relaxing vibe.
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Beautiful loop that sketches a warm rain shower.
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This music is a playful blend of underwater adventure and pure happiness.
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A bright, slightly pensive melody that includes instruments like electric piano, organ, music box.
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Severe nature, northern lights, endless expanses covered with sparkling snow .

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Stargazing Small Cover
With darkness comes possibilities. With nighttime comes hope of an even better tomorrow.
31 Melodies
Sunset Chill Small Cover
Enjoy music that bridges today and tomorrow in a peaceful and relaxing way.
16 Melodies
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