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    • Upbeat building introduction for something new.

      Positive cheerful song. Meeting friends, fans, celebrating the joyous event. Walk into a warm sunny day. Acoustic guitar and straight beat.

      Stop to strain, cease to remember the sad story, release the heart from grief of unsuccessful relations. The love already runs to you!

      Remember the seventieth! You were a star of local clubs! The guitar smoked in your hands... You were hungry and malicious, but each dog in this city knew you by sight!

      Uplifting R&B pop track with orchestral style hook, drum loop, analogue synths. Works well for background music in club, bar and urban street scenes.

      Reflective atmospheric track featuring electric piano, guitar and electronic drums. A mix of female vocal and electronics. Great for games, films, trailers, presentations and more.

      Dark military track. Perfect for any cinematic scene that needs a military-styled background music.

      Stylish Background Music with rhythm of Electro & Tech, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Bright, beautiful and sparkle jazzy composition featuring fretless bass, airy woodwinds and a solo violin passage. Excellent for movie scoring,advertising or festive projects.

      Tense, bright track in military style. Main instruments: synthesizer, arpeggiator, digital drums. Perfect as background music for action films or video games.

      Sometimes mashine can be more human, and human can be mashine. It depents of point of love

      Western-style lead guitar riff and wah guitar over minor-key acoustic guitar and fast country beat - ride 'em, cowboy!

      Classic-sounding funk romp driven along with soaring horn crescendos, brass stabs and incessant clavs. 1970s feel.

      Groovy and fresh lounge track with a strong rhythm section and feel-good mood. Perfect as background music for corporate applications, presentations and for projects, where the perception of time is extremely important.

      Beautiful dark ambient loop played on piano. This one makes feel so calm and causes so many sad reflections. Ideal as a background music for documentaries, films, presentation and many other projects.

      A dark and ominous fast moving track. Suitable for using as soundtrack to action films or video games, also as a news theme

      Cheerful background track made with synths. It would be nice for podcasts, corporate videos or as a background music for broadcast.

      Industrial mechanical track. Featuring drums, synth bass and bass guitar. Perfect background music for alternative multimedia projects that need new sound dimention.

      Dark ,mid-tempo and dynamic dance house track. Mighty beat, pumping digital bass, wide pads.

      This is funk/blues piece featuring a solo Hammond organ improvising over a blues scale. The rhythm instruments include guitar, clavichord, bass, and drums.

      Positive and energetic track with a slide solo guitar. Good for advertising, corporate videos or flash clips.

      Dynamic background music with high energy rhythm and hypnotic trance beats . Great for action, extreme sports, business and corporate use, also for TV logos and many more.

      Disturbed, energetic, fast and dangerous, acid trance track combining digital synth and pulsating beats of drums. Perfect for computer games and all projects that need a new level of speed sensation.

      Short cheerful funky loop. Good for podcasts, advertising, flash sites and casual games. Also can be used as background music for broadcast .

      Short cheerful funky loop. Good for podcasts, advertising,flash sites and casual games. Also can be used as background music for broadcast.

      Stylish Ambient Background Music Loop, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Pensive sentimental Pop music track with electric guitars, synth pad and melancholic electric guitar solo.

      This is a creepy track filled with earthy sounds and moving strings.

      Laid back big strings with a gentle bell melody giving a huge sense of space.

      Groovy Hip-Hop club track with 808 drums and Synth leads.

      Catchy dance track with trance elements great for commercials, dance floors and any media requiring dance/house feel.

      Scary acid jazz electronic track featuring electronic drum machine and lot of synthesizers and effects

      This is a powerful piece incorporating orchestra and industrial instrumentation for a upbeat and thrilling feel.

      Powerful Hip-Hop track with catchy riff played by digital synth. Acoustic piano plays melancholic melody.

      Dark and moody Hip-Hop track with a club feel

      Chill and groovy Hip-Hop orientated track

      Anthemic track featuring strings and horns with heavy drums

      Heavy bass track with Hip-Hop type drums and melodic high end

      Dirty South Hip-Hop track with hard hitting 808 drums and synths

      Upbeat and ambient R&B track with bouncy drums, strings and synths.

      Anthemic rock guitar based track mixed in with Hip-Hop drums

      Funky track with bouncy bass lines, live instrumentation and cheery strings.

      Calm and relaxing mid-tempo track with an airy and uplifting feel.

      Upbeat chilled out electronic track with a melodic piano lead

      Inspiring Hip-Hop track with edge drums and piano melodies

      A driving beat and edgy electric guitars with mighty synth riff fuel this hip hop track, giving it a variety of uses.

      Dark moody track with big synths and hard hitting hip-hop drums

      Edgy, rough and determined hip hop track. Hard edged staccato strings. Good for car chase scene, mech warfare, modern war machines, fights.

      A middle tempo hip-hop track based on a drum groove with dominate sub-kick and lot of synthesizers.

      A hip-hop track based on a minor groove played by the piano with a synthesizer lead and powerful drum beats.

      Bright and powerful hip-hop track. Pumping kick, old style brass and modern digital synths.

      Steady modern country rock track. Drums, upright bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica.

      Mid-tempo alternative rock track. Dynamic and emotive, consist of electric guitars, piano, wide bass and drums. Great for TV show and advertising.

      Hip hop piece. Electronic drums, synthesizer bass, acoustic and electric piano, synthesizer pad, synthesizer vox, vinyl scratches.

      Everything changes when love comes to life. A light pop rock track, full of electric and bass guitars, powered by dominant drum beats.

      Sort of a funk/rock/jazz instrumental version of this old Christmas standard.

      Upbeat piano synth groove track with an instantly catchy lead

      Medium slow aggressive hard rock background. Drums, electric bass, overdriven electric guitar.

      This track consist of taste and flavour of hot Havana's night. Track performed by various brass, acoustic piano, electric guitar and massive drums with Cuban percussion.

      A small bit of Louisiana blues styling with guitar and organ. Old time foot stompin music.

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