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Light futuristic sound of digital synth merged with uplifting mood of the acoustic guitar create a uniquely beautiful underscore. Perfect for corporate products, technology, science, websites and more.
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Positive background music.
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Uplifting and upbeat indie pop track perfect for any inspiring videos. Such as advertising, commercial, start-up, product launching, corporate presentations and many others. Used electric guitar riff, acoustic strum guitar, drums, piano and other.
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Corporate music track with a laid-back feel.
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A happy and laid-back acoustic loop, featuring acoustic guitars, piano, mandolins, glockenspiels and cello.
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Positive and happy motivational music track with piano, ukulele, bells, claps, strings.
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Inspirational corporate background music track with futuristic elements, where digital synth sound is combined with the acoustic guitar. Suitable for different multimedia uses as bright future, space era, innovative business projects, cutting edge technologies, XXI century, sci-fi documentaries, voice-over, and more.
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Tropical chillout background music track.
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Solo light-picked acoustic guitar with a warm, rolling rhythmic feel and an easy melody with piano and synth. A heart-warming track perfect as a background for positive advertising and friendly video.
1:55 , 2:06U
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Bright and cheerful pop music.
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This is a happy and positive children music track track, great for children commercials, kids shows, happy backgrounds, optimistic scenes and much more.
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A modern, beautiful and inspiring track in electro-acoustic genre. This soothing and motivating arrangement features a gentle synth lead, synth pads, acoustic guitar, warm analogue bass and a stylish IDM beat. This uplifting and positive pop ambient track would be great for background video use, especially in corporate and technology marketing promo videos, projects related to modern life, design, fashion and art, web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation.
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Motivational music track featuring an uplifting guitar harmonics and piano melody with a very special vibe.
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Laid back and joyful country blues music. Optimistic and easy going playful instrumental background music in the American style. Featuring acoustic guitar finger picking, sweet piano melody and oboe. Best for happiness and nature, hope and joy scenes, holiday and vacation and simple western life and love.
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An upbeat, uplifting, energetic and happy track featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar,organ bass and acoustic drums.Joyful and positive, will suit very well kids shows, comedy, daytime TV, ads and commercials.
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A joyful catchy tune with a distinct atmospheric lead synth sound over a latin and carribean influenced groove with lots of percussion and playful, rhythmic acoustic guitars.
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This motivational acoustic music combines a happy and joyful vibe with lively, fun, and bright tones. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a upbeat rhythm while the glockenspiel plays a melody that shines with positive energy.
1:51 , 2:00
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An inspiring and uplifting background music with motivational mood.
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A positive sunny piano theme with acoustic guitar and bells. Great for presentations, tv/film, commercial and corporate use.Fit for children tv programs too.
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A moving animated ukulele riff with rhythm section.
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Tiredness after a busy day can be a pleasant tiredness. Peaceful and relaxing track featuring electric and acoustic guitars. Suitable as a background music for videos, films and on hold.
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Up beat pop rock instrumental with a touch of smooth jazz flavoring added to the mix.
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Nice solo acoustic guitar melody.
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Positive and optimistic track in a happy mood.
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Has a fast paced, jazzy feel with repetitive and syncopated notes for an interesting but accessible sound.
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