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Calm acoustic guitar and soft piano. This slow and relaxing background music fits well for unhurried and tender moments.
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This upbeat acoustic music combines a bright feel with happy vibes. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a light rhythm over joyful bell melodies, clapping hands, and drums to create a track perfect for ads, animation, business, explainers and more.
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A brilliant and experimental track, rich in lively dissonance and sustained by a pressing rhythm.
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Theme loop with a country feel featuring acoustic guitars, slap bass, strings, and harmonica. Possible uses can range from road side scenes, time lapses, reflection pieces, etc.
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An intriguing acoustic guitar track, featuring a club-like bass drum, a progressive rock-like progression and a flamenco-like guitar solo.
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Whimsical and playful tropical background music loop.
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Finger picked acoustic guitar mellow piano melody and prepared vocal pad in an optimistic and contemplative background music. Best for friendly and nostalgic moments, sentimental and rustic advertising, peaceful and inspiring feel and romantic scenes.
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A happy little tune that features whistling, ukulele and percussion.
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Environmental melody, with a psychedelic touch. From a sound carpet of synths and percussion emerges the dialogue of two acoustic guitars.
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Acoustic Guitar and Lap Steel guitar combine to form sweeping uplifting melodies.
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A slow dreamy, corporate-inspired track.
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Jumpy and joyful acoustic pop loop. Optimistic music with whistle flute melody, steel Guitar riffs, cool bouncy beat. Evokes images of springtime feelgood and summer love. Sweet and vibrant, happy sentimental underscore.
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A contemplative, unique instrumental featuring guitar harmonics.
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Sweet and peaceful track, folk style. Human whistle and violin over an acoustic guitars duo.
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This is energetic and uplifting track in a motivational mood.
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A silly, quirky and playful track.
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Traditional African instrumentation such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums.
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A bright and happy ukulele track, featuring bells, claps, and light percussion.
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