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Get some exotic and positive safari mood on your cheerful video. Fun track with happy and easy energy.
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Positive and uplifting track featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, whistles, claps, organ, glockenspiel, percussion, double bass, synth bass and electronic beat. This hopeful and joyful track is great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film.
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Faced paced acoustic guitar. Bright and breezy melody featuring lovely harmonic leads.
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Whimsical and playful tropical background music loop.
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A passionate percussive latin style track with a strong melodic acoustic guitar line and a rhythmic and playful Rhodes e-Piano over a groovy and energetic songo beat.
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Cheerful happy kalimba/marimba melody over stomps and claps, acoustic guitars, piano and light drums and percussion. Ideal for children's productions, commercial and corporate use or any project or presentation that needs an all through happy instrumental background music.
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Middle East ethnic background music with relaxing and lush atmosphere.
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Elegant bohémien track performed with classic guitar and expressive flute, percussions and acoustic drums. Imagine you're sipping a sweet coffee in a sidewalk café in the centre of Paris. Modern melodic background instrumental music ideal for restaurants, elegant pubs, hotels and shops.
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Traditional African instrumentation such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums.
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Jumpy and joyful acoustic pop loop. Optimistic music with whistle flute melody, steel Guitar riffs, cool bouncy beat. Evokes images of springtime feelgood and summer love. Sweet and vibrant, happy sentimental underscore.
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Positive music for games and cartoon.
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Two acoustic guitars for a classic and lively atmosphere, full of pulsating rhythm. Excellent in the background, for example in telephone answering machines.
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A lovely melody for kids.
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Spanish acoustic guitar theme.
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This inspiring and motivational track brings together a beautiful Pan Drum tune with some strings, piano, bells and an uplifting drums groove.
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A relaxing strumming guitar accompanies a mystic erhu melodies which alternate with a reverberated flute
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Written on a tombstone near Ephesus, this is one of the oldest surviving pieces of music in existence -written sometime between the years 200 BC and AD 100.
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A bright, carefree and easy Ukulele featured track.
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Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Greek dances.
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Track for classical guitar solo, full of Mediterranean flavor enhanced by the contrapuntal technique.
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A brief reggae loop!
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You are very successful - good luck is your companion.
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Your thoughts are always reasonable and clear.
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Spicy aroma of spices, filling the narrow streets of an evening Morocco carries you to a romantic walk in the rays of the setting sun.
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