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1:59 , 2:02
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Motivational, aggressive and energetic dance track, with noisy loud sound and driving mood.
0:40 , 0:58
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Chaotic, driving and energizing drop in dubstep brostep genre. Featuring heavy breakbeat drum beats, tons of coolest filthy basses, modern futuristic synthesizers – lasers, noisy sound effects and more. Good for sports video, high tech cinematic trailer, technology presentation, games teaser promotion, Youtube channel opening or just intro background music.
0:34 , 1:01
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This is modern energetic dubstep meets glitch hop track for your next projects.
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Cool aggressive music.
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Giant hits and a huge bass synth combined with electronic beats in the style of Transformers or Terminator films. Great for high tech machines, robotic technologies, also good for extreme sports, BMX Racing, car commercials, etc.
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Upbeat and driving, featuring pulsing synthesizer and drums and bass groove create a determined and powerful mood.
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Action Sport is super aggressive alternative rock royalty free track.
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Energetic background music featuring piano and trap synths.
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Modern sounding background song for corporate, hi tech, slideshows and much more.
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Synthwave track with cyberpunk punk like dark synths, and 1980s era nostalgia.
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Driving, futuristic groovy track in experimental techno electronic style.
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Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance royalty free music for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation.
0:40 , 2:11
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Creative, innovative, experimental project merging hip-hop with breakbeat electronic genre together.
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This is an aggressive and energetic dubstep music, full of power and intensity.
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Dark, powerfully, impressive track in fast-growing popularity synthwave / outrun / retrowave / dark synth genre.
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Modern cinematic music for technological, business and corporate media.
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This one is fast and biting!
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Great beat with driving guitar combined with hard drums.
1:55 , 1:00, 2:10U
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Dynamic synthwave music with a glitched out melody and dubstep drop.
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Dirty, powerfully energetic loop in breakbeat genre.
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Trendy, catchy and energetic loop in bass house genre with garage and dubstep influence.
1:50 , 3:12
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Electronic dubstep music with pumping beat and lFO synths.
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Glitch Hop Funk Sport is super modern pumping glitch hop royalty free track with dirty basses and funk guitars.
1:29 , 1:30
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This dubstep track has a heavy hard bass line, syncopated rhythms, and a futuristic vibe.
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This is positive and energetic track featuring oldschool 8-bit chip sounds.
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Angry Sam is royalty free audio with wobble bass, dirty dubstep synths and drums.
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Energizing, uplifting, driving track in mainstream drum & bass genre with powerful breakbeat drum beats, crazy morphing bassline, bright synthesizers and leads, catchy melodies and more.
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Ultra heavy, massive, aggressive and very energetic track in the style of dubstep with typical wobbles and sawtooth.
1:52 , 1:56
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A powerful energetic trap hip hop beat with epic brass stabs, catchy synths arp, choirs and hard powerful drums.
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This one is a beautiful hip hop instrumental track for various purposes.
1:25 , 1:59U
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Heavy and massive modern dubstep track with electric guitar, epic melodic synths, and wobbly basslines.
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Minimalistic straight & simple computer style background track with a distinct climactic lead synth.
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A powerful and atmospheric high energy breakbeat track with a distinct modern contemporary synthesizer lead melody over fast breakbeat drums and a fat and wide distorted synth sound.
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Hard Tech House Electro instrumental tune.

High Tech Playlists

World Cup Small Cover
What does power and elite performance sound like? It sounds like this.
35 Melodies
Against All Authority Small Cover
Rules are meant to be broken. These melodies can help you push past yours.
31 Melodies
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