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Trendy, catchy and energetic loop in bass house genre with garage and dubstep influence. Including groovy pompous saturated drum beats, filthy wobble, donk, growl, sub and classic house basses, driving rhythmic, noisy sound effects. Perfect suitable for videogame trailers, sports videos, nightclub events promotions and more.
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This beautiful and cutting-edge electronic track is based on an innovative synth tune.
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Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance royalty free music for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation.
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Deep house track. Good for fashion shows, high-tech product review, news, advertisement, presentations and even listening.
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Hi! This is my new experimental house track, featuring futuristic synthesizer melody, and progressive sound.
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Energetic and dynamic house track. Good for the runway show, corporate presentation, fashion videos, catwalks, sports highlight, or contemporary technology.
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Hard Tech House Electro instrumental tune. A dynamic and energetic bassline sustains the entire track, with a strong groove and kick. It could sound perfectly with sports subjects, modern fashion, sexy videos and any other project that needs a mysterious and modern techno, trance or tech house track to underscore city life images.
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This deep house inspired music contains a throw back feel with a modern twist. The music combines a lush, smooth and cool bass line that is complimented with a plucky synth lead melody.
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Groovy Electronic Massive sounds track with lots of synth sounds, sound effects and a straight danceable drum groove.
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Driving rhythms and subtle percussive synths with a repetitive and simple feeling.
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Straight and hypnotic electronic track with lots of detailed effect sounds.
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Actual vibrant, energetic and powerful track with elements of dub-step.
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Progressive trance dance music with powerful synths and pumping beats.
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Light and airy instrumental track.
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Dancing and powerful short track.
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A happy funky mellow dance loop with melodies played by piano over massive drum and bass background.
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