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This one is fast and biting! Rough synths and loud drums - this piece is pure action; suitable for computer games and fight scenes. If you want some blood pressure rising, give it a try.
1:40 , 1:58
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Huge, dramatic and intense cinematic epic hybrid trailer.
0:40 , 0:58
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Chaotic, driving and energizing drop in dubstep brostep genre. Featuring heavy breakbeat drum beats, tons of coolest filthy basses, modern futuristic synthesizers – lasers, noisy sound effects and more. Good for sports video, high tech cinematic trailer, technology presentation, games teaser promotion, Youtube channel opening or just intro background music.
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Modern cinematic music for technological, business and corporate media.
1:52 , 1:56
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A powerful energetic trap hip hop beat with epic brass stabs, catchy synths arp, choirs and hard powerful drums. Great for the dynamic scenes, epic fights, combat sports, energetic action scenes, domination, bodybuilding vs. powerlifting, catchy intro, and more.
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A fast loop perfect for infinite runner games, action video, sport, cyber punk, raves, jumping, etc
0:26 , 1:41
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Sick, fat, massive, energizing and originally tune in dubstep mainstream genre. Сombines great combo of a cool old school sound from acid house and rave era. Similar to Skrillex, Datsik, Barely Alive or Virtual Riot. This track included heavy punchy drum beats, chaotic driving rhythmic, noisy effects. Good for extreme sports video, robotics and high tech projects, aggressive cinematic trailer, technology presentation, speed race games, etc.
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Giant hits and a huge bass synth combined with electronic beats in the style of Transformers or Terminator films. Great for high tech machines, robotic technologies, also good for extreme sports, BMX Racing, car commercials, etc.
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Hardstyle techno electronic music.
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A trailer-style music, with a dark mood and dangerous tension feeling.
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Powerful, dark, sinister loop in drum and bass genre with strong breakbeat drum beats, heavy deep sub bassline with neuro layers, creepy background ambiance, synthesizer stabs, angry industrial metallic scratches and much more.
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Epic and heavy hybrid percussion cinematic loop.
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Powerful electronic hybrid epic music with a catchy and groovy hip-hop beat.
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This wild electronic loop is a fire cracker of energy.
1:59 , 1:23, 2:33
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Epic and powerful cinematic track with full orchestra.
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Light melodic chill tune, featuring acoustic piano, violin, and electronic drums.
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This is energetic and driving track.
1:09 , 2:08U
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A modern urban, R&B track with powerful touch.
0:54 , 3:00, 3:00U
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This straight electronic beat with raw synthesizer sounds is the perfect background for all technical and electronic applications.
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Typical dubstep track with wobble bass and wild stuttering synth sounds.
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Futuristic technology electronic music.
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An electronic powerful groove starts with a screaming synth, then a cinematic orchestra comes in bringing you in an action movie scene.
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It is a musical sequence containing a bright melody full force and has been designed to serve as background music news.
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Dramatic and intense, hybrid-orchestral cinematic loop.
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