1:40 , 1:58
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Huge, dramatic and intense cinematic epic hybrid trailer.
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Modern music for contemporary corporate and new media. Works well for high tech, information, multimedia, powerpoint presentations, medicine, science, technology, discovery, adventure, documentary, film and TV.
0:40 , 2:11
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Creative, innovative, experimental project merging hip-hop with breakbeat electronic genre together.
1:59 , 2:02
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Motivational, aggressive and energetic dance track, with noisy loud sound and driving mood.
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This is an aggressive and energetic dubstep music, full of power and intensity.
0:32 , 0:32
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This dubstep track has a heavy hard bass line, syncopated rhythms and a futuristic vibe.
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Dark, powerfully, impressive track in fast-growing popularity synthwave / outrun / retrowave / dark synth genre.
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Modern cinematic music for technological, business and corporate media.
1:31 , 1:38
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An energetic funny music with hip-hop and dubstep elements.
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Hardstyle techno electronic music.
1:50 , 3:12
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Electronic dubstep music with pumping beat and lFO synths.
1:55 , 1:00, 2:10U
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Dynamic synthwave music with a glitched out melody and dubstep drop.
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Energizing, uplifting, driving track in mainstream drum & bass genre with powerful breakbeat drum beats, crazy morphing bassline, bright synthesizers and leads, catchy melodies and more.
1:52 , 1:56
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A powerful energetic trap hip hop beat with epic brass stabs, catchy synths arp, choirs and hard powerful drums.
1:59 , 1:23, 2:33
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Epic and powerful cinematic track with full orchestra.
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Cool and solid electronic music, with bold and strong drum beat, arpeggiated bass riff.
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This is energetic and driving track.
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A powerful and atmospheric high energy breakbeat track with a distinct modern contemporary synthesizer lead melody over fast breakbeat drums and a fat and wide distorted synth sound.
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An epic cinematic trailer useful for cinema or youtube epic trailers, videogame intro or end title screens, trailers, credits, menu, hold screens, or as background music in a game.
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Epic, powerful and climactic cinematic trailer music, with soaring horns, lush strings, hybrid synth sounds, FX and deep bass shaking percussion.
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Great powerful track ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller.
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A dubstep related loop with a heroic lead melody.
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A raw and powerful loop with heavy drums and distorted guitars.
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Dramatic and intense, hybrid-orchestral cinematic loop.
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A dynamic and positive electronic track made with synths and electric guitars.
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Dark but dynamic track with pumping kick and bass.
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Road to the Olympics Small Cover
Hard work and dedication followed by success. That’s the journey these melodies inspire.
22 Melodies
Come on and Line up Small Cover
Grab your friends and your board and hit the waves with these surf-inspiring melodies.
20 Melodies
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