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Atmospheric track featuring synths and airy pads. Good for video games or science videos.
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Stylish corporate background music with a light sound and confident atmosphere.
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This high tech music creates a very cool and joyful vibe as the progressive synths and abstract melodies take over. The music uses multiple elements that really highlight a forward thinking atmosphere, and it is arranged to work great with a large variety of applications.
1:53 , 2:15
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This is calm, warm, peaceful and beautiful background music with soft corporate atmosphere.
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Abstract up-tempo melody loop. The keyboard effects reflect each other like airy bubbles under water. The beat reminds of jumping ball. Firstly it taps clearly than it goes down in improvise manner successively slowing down the rhythm.
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A high-tech upbeat electronic track, with organic and emotional elements.
1:23 , 1:30
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Winter atmospheric chillstep music with rhythmic synths, floating effects and laid-back beats.
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Modern and futuristic urban background track with glitch effect.
1:55 , 2:04
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This is inspiring production music with corporate and uplifting atmosphere.
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Technology themed tune that includes flageolet guitar, glitch synthesizer parts, groovy drums, and futuristic minimal techno elements.
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Chill out, relaxing and atmospheric music.
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Upbeat, sparkling and trendy electronic track with a technologic modern feel.
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This is groovy atmospheric drum n bass track with the dynamic and warm sound.
1:06 , 2:04, 2:04U
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Beautiful hi-tech inspiring track with groovy percussion rhythm, deep synthesizers, and high melodies.
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Minimal background tech tune.
1:45 , 1:56
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This is light, beautiful, calm and atmospheric corporate music with light and warm sound.
1:54 , 0:42U, 1:42, 1:42, 2:43
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An electronic futuristic track featuring digital synth, piano, glitch-like beats and inspiring melody.
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This beautiful and cutting-edge electronic track is based on an innovative synth tune.
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A kind of beat inspired by all video games.
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Luxury and modern chillout track.
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Quiet and relaxing track with a touch of abstract melancholy, full of ambience, very slow time, to find peace and inner balance.
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Calm and quiet lounge track.
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Enchanting entertainment paradise! Cosmic bowling on the rings of Saturn all the year round! Ther is enough space to play the game to more than one million athletes from all over the galaxy!
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Techno sci-fi song, loop-ready, performed on synths (piano, strings, drums).
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Easy beautiful melodious track.
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HEART STRINGS is an ultimate techno mix.
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The title "Deeper Journey" is perfectly complements the music.
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