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Powerful, energetic, aggressive rock track with heavy guitar riffs and synth modern elements.
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This is fast tempo progressive trance music to give an energy boost to your project. Perfect as a background for a nightclub party, skydiving, extreme sports, Youtube video blog, advertisement and other use.
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Atmospheric progressive house track with easy melody and progressive house elements.
1:59 , 0:25, 0:40, 2:10
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Aggressive and energetic, strong music track with bright instruments and confident powerful mood.
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This is a southern blues rock music, full of energy and rhythm. Great for radio and drive music, American southern style, western country, rock'n'roll background, road adventures, cool and energetic moods, pubs and bars, and more.
1:57 , 3:09
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Positive funk with urban breakbeat drums, slap bass, funky guitars and rhodes.
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This is American style heavy rock and roll music, full of energy and power. Great for intense and aggressive background, action and adrenaline trailer, extreme sports intro, south and western country rock and much more.
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Funky and groovy modern fashion music track with slapping bass.
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Powerful house track with bass synth, bouncy groove and vocal samples make you dance!
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A dark and obsessive track, with the sense of determination, full of synths and deep percussions.
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Powerful and old school sounding hard-rock track.
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A hypnotic and powerful track features an electric fender guitar improvises on a groovy drum and bass.
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Really massive, aggressive powerful hard rock track.
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Positive and very groovy funk/electronic track with funky synth sounds, e-guitar, playful drum groove and nice harmonies.
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Pop dance loop with a retro feel featuring keyboard synths, acoustic drums, steel drums, and bass.
0:31 , 0:46
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This is classic rock track, early 70's style, with the feeling of freedom and coolness.
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Big band funk music with a group of trumpets, saxophone and guitar.
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A punchy but still quite chilled track.
1:51 , 3:29
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A cinematic and powerful hip-hop music.
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Atmospheric, and creative loop in chillstep / chilltrap genre with strong drum beats, beauty morphing pads, rich piano keys, wobbling bassline, cosmic synthesizer, high tech arpeggios shots and much more.
1:18 , 3:55
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Dirty South / Trap style Hip Hop instrumental featuring bells, synths, brass, and turntable FX.
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The ultra cool Klingons are jammin' like mad.
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A driving electric guitar playing jazz funk.
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