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Powerful, strong, and dramatic track with modern dubstep groove. Featuring digital synth, strings, swelling pads, groovy drums and pop piano. A perfect arrangement with a lot of tension and energy for your video project.
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The streets of Hammersmith, the London shopping street, the lights of the Odeon Hammersmith that hosts the big events, the Thames that offers a sunset with its pubs, from which there are some ballads in the background.
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Powerful hard rock instrumental from the 80's-90's featuring acoustic and electric guitars, bells, piano, and pads.
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Cool electronic dark modern music.
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Alternative metal/rock instrumental featuring electric guitar, pads, and drums.
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Atmospheric, yet dramatic chillstep / chilltrap track.
1:59 , 2:05
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This is my new, really inspiring, motivational corporate pop rock music track with many bright instruments.
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A cool, hip, break beat style house track.
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New and Old Phenomenon Hip Hop.
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Dramatic and proud instrumental track featuring classic guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings and electronic drums.
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An savvy, smart hard rock track.
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It is a beautiful song dance style made with care and with much love sweets instruments like the piano.
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Uplifting and positive track that works extremely well to promote products and services in TV, web and radio commercial campaigns.
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A wild dubstep track mixed with an evocative part with piano and strings.
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This is a song made from simple sounds and has been designed to serve as background music retro video game court.
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Dynamic track in a melancholic mood.
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It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.
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Uplifting and energetic pop/rock track that evokes belief and achievement.
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Aggressive and powerful hip-hop track.
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Mid-tempo alternative rock track.
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TELL IT LIKE IT IS has a mind blowing thumping effect with a delicate touch by piano work.
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