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Pensive and anxious ambient track with a deep atmosphere created by ample reverb effects and a hypnotic guitar lead.
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Atmospheric, embracing ambient track with deep sound.
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Background music while waiting and the clock is ticking.
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This dreamy, abstract, angelic track featuring atmospheric pads and a 606 drum machine. This electronic track sounds mysterious, spiritual, enigmatic - great for videos with a touch of hypnotic and suspense atmosphere.
1:58 , 2:21
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This is deep, calm and peaceful ambient music with transparent and pleasant atmosphere.
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Synthetic, passionate, and a powerful ambient /new age groove featuring electronic synths that create huge emotions.
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Calm and quiet ambient track in a melancholic mood. Featured instruments are acoustic guitar, atmospheric pads and deep bass. Good for space video or slide show.
0:45 , 0:28, 1:00, 2:10U
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Emotional composition featuring acoustic guitars with beautiful solo and rhythm parts, different types of percussion.
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Calm ambient track. Used a synth, bells sound with atmospheric effects. Perfect for space frames, for relaxation, presentations and other projects.
1:55 , 0:51, 2:27
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Creative sounding, modern, innovative track in chillstep / electronic chillout genre.
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Ethnic cinematic music with modern elements.
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A dark, creepy drone with a distant, estranged piano lead.
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A dark, strange drone with frantic, bizarre lead guitar parts.
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Finest dramatic trip-hop loop with nice multi-sampled choir theme, smooth bass line and vinyl-beat for Your Project Needs.
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A strange, otherworldly, and even contemplative avant garde electronic track.
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A dark, strange piece recalling ancient times.
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This beautiful, cinematic piece features synthesizers, bass, drums with violin and piano melodies.
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Versatile track with synth arpeggio, cello, glass marimba, piano and filtered drums.
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This corporate piano music is a great blend of inspiration meets motivation.
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Tension building drum sounds with synth voices, soft xylo melodies and synth bass.
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Technology News flash loop.
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Pulsating, ambient, instrumental gives us a feeling of a light, distance, sci-fi surroundings.
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A magical tune with a fantastic crystal sound melody, that will carry away you in the world of tick-tock time.
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Mid-tempo intro with beautiful, ringing, crystal pure melody resembling the break-up of ice gradually changes into the fast gurgling beat like steady stream to circulate stagnant water.
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