1:49 , 3:49, 3:49U
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Very positive and hopeful melodious summer house track. Beautiful emotional saxophone, deep piano, claps and noise. The best background for any happy and inspirational moments.
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Positive pop dance music to inspire for summer adventures, road trips with friends, best life moments, colorful sunny days.
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Energetic pop tropical summer mix with motivational and uplifting feel.
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This is sunny and positive summer dance track with inspiring and uplifting mood. Modern pop music with plucked synth, piano, house beat, pads and bass. This catchy tropical house track can perfectly fit for any YouTube video, travel vlogs, lifestyle motivation, bright presentations, energetic workout, creative commercials and advertising and other multimedia projects. Enjoy!
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This one is a modern and motivational pop track for your upbeat, summer holiday projects.
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This one is a positive dance house tune, featuring electronic music elements, light synthesizer catchy melody, and optimistic mood. Perfect for night party, prom celebration and other festive projects.
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Summer In Tropics is a light pop/dance track similar to Kygo and other modern dance music.
1:56 , 2:25, 1:00U
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An upbeat dance-house music with great beat, interesting rhodes piano, string, funky guitars and a catchy sax and brass riff. This track will make you feel carefree, ready to dance.
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This one is a beautiful and romantic Deep House.
1:45 , 2:11
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This is stylish lounge dance music with catchy kick, smooth and relaxed atmosphere.
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Disco strings on top of a pumping house beat. Great pump-up song to get people moving.
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A bouncy, house, disco type vibe. Great for a party.
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Groovy, inspiring, stylish loop in tech corporate genre with pompous drum beats, warm sub bassline, elegant synthesizers, mute and acoustic guitar, background pads and more.
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This one is a beautiful dance track for various purposes.
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Light, atmospheric and romantic music with a lite touch of latino.
1:57 , 2:54U
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Positive and uplifting disco track.
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Bouncy, dance type song that makes you feel you're getting stuff done!
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Loud dance music, night clubs, warm sea, sandy beaches, romantic mood.
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