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Bright, light and upbeat background music driven by muted electric guitar staccato arpeggio, blended with wide and expansive synth pads, piano chords, and soft drum beat with human claps.
1:31 , 0:34, 3:10
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Cinematic emotional background, reminiscent of hollywood composers likeThomas Newman and film scores like Shawshank Redemption.
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Soft piano melodies with nature sounds and noises in the background.
1:55 , 2:12
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This is peaceful, beautiful, calm and atmospheric corporate music with light and warm sound.
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A wonky-weird waltz track ala Danny Elfman style starts with a small orchestra and a melancholy celesta.
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Simple and intrusive music box\celesta like a lullaby tune accompanied emotional symphonic orchestra.
1:42 , 0:31, 1:54
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This is a very romantic and melodious, chill pop music.
1:35 , 1:55U, 2:50
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It is atmospheric, melodic track in ambient style with piano and pads.
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A great colorful song to uplift your mood.
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This is a dreamy and floating track, full of thoughts and wonder.
1:55 , 2:02, 2:02U
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Positive chillout track in Kygo style.
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Atmospheric minimalistic corporate tune, featuring light melody, easy electronic drums, and glitch percussions.
1:45 , 1:56
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This is light, beautiful, calm and atmospheric corporate music with light and warm sound.
1:18 , 1:29
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Smooth, gentle & relaxing track, featuring touching & uplifting soaring strings with atmospheric textures that create a tender and dreamy mood.
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A fun and unique sounding happy tune which would suit a children's program or TV commercial for children's fashion, toys, food, cartoons, high-tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, presentations.
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A happy go lucky feelgood track.
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A peaceful, nostalgic piano piece.
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A beautiful, inspiring and relaxing music - perfect for a meditative background or background ambience.
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A strange, night inspired acoustic track.
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A creepy and sad music box theme.
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Calm and nostalgic classical piano melody in the genre of Eric Satie.
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This loop is one in a series of 5 tracks that are simply a fingerpicked guitar (or pair of guitars) backed by a light pad.
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Beautiful lullaby loop with bell melodies.
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