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Happy and warm positive background.
1:55 , 2:21
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This is beautiful future chill / modern pop electronic music with catchy groove and inspiring summer mood.
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Stylish, peaceful and future chill ambient music track featuring beautiful synth pads, leads, liquid drum beat.
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Optimistic and bright track featuring ukulele, piano, claps and strings.
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This music is a playful blend of underwater adventure and pure happiness.
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Gentle track performed with a real flute and piano keyboards.
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Optimistic and friendly pop song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and accordion.
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Positive, uplifting and inspiring acoustic music track with a happy and optimistic feel featuring acoustic guitars, percussion, strings, bass and drums.
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Inspirational, uplifting and energetic music track, featuring electric guitars, piano, bells, strings, bass and drums.
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This is cheerful and carefree music with happy and joyful emotions.
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This can be the perfect music for presenting a holiday resort, the exquisite facilities of a luxurious hotel or real estate.
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Soft and light music performed by whistler and cello.
1:30 , 2:07
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A light acoustic instrumental background with an uplifting motivational character.
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Romantic and light waltz theme on acoustic guitars, bass, cajon box, and percussion.
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Beautiful sensitive piano melody with acoustic guitars companion, latin drums and bass to get balance between melody and rhythm.
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Piano, upright bass, guitar and drums with antique sleigh bells combine for upbeat swing arrangement in 90 second loop.
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An original uplifintg composition that's suited for your corporate media, advertising, commercials, and presentations!
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Gentle Clockwork Glockenspiel beats suggests time elapsing whilst travelling, combining clunky wood Blocks and sound effects similar to stereotypical farm life, adding movement elements to enhance cartoon style travelling music.
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I Love U Small Cover
Ignite the spark in your heart with this compilation that’s all about love.
20 Melodies
Happy Valentine Small Cover
Share your feelings of love in a way that is uniquely you.
10 Melodies
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