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A beautiful piece that gives a sense of rebirth, new discovery etc. This ethnic orchestral background music is great for various cinematic use, mystery, intrigue, awakening, oriental desert scenes, sacred world, secret place, fantasy adventures or video games preview. In the style of Avatar soundtrack.
1:46 , 2:08, 2:13
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An adventurous Middle Eastern track with a mysterious feel.
1:33 , 0:29, 1:04, 2:04
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Light, positive and happy track with a joyful and easy African feeling, featuring different percussions, and ukulele!
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This track is a real adventurous audio gem from a virgin island scenery with a crystal clear ocean surrounding it and soft white sand covering its beaches. It has ethnic instruments and motifs, mystery, innocence, a strong scent of an adventure, and a magical feeling of a new and wonderful discovery, hiding somewhere, where men haven't set their foot yet. The track features instruments such as kalimba, pan flute, ethnic percussion, shaker, celeste, harp, vibraphone, clave, strings and much more. Suitable for video games with curious mood, animations, TV shows about traveling and children related productions. In the style of the treasure hunter films like Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and more.
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On the horizon is visible crystal castle, from which heard the magic sounds of the harp, guitar, celesta and percussion .
1:29 , 0:30, 1:08, 2:11
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Get some exotic and positive safari mood on your cheerful video.
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Ethnic background music with Middle-East or India feeling.
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A funny, bubbly and summery tune with a good sense of humor, jumpy melody and good vibes.
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This is music for an adventure video game.
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Whimsical and playful tropical background music loop.
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A mixture of traditional Hindu instruments and psychedelic musical atmosphere of the 1960s and hippie movement.
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A little sad melody beautiful combination of piano and flute and bass in the background.
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A unique blend of bell and marimba creates a repetitive melody with a transcendental mood.
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A relaxing journey through a tranquil forest, featuring flute, choirs and harp.
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Gothic melody combined with modern rhythms, transport the listener into the era of knight's battles and viking raids.
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Cheerful, happy and lighthearted acoustic track featuring an uplifting, optimistic mandolin melody and a great upbeat groove with acoustic guitars.
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A fresh asian fusion loop.
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Positive and bizarre track for intellectual games, puzzles, quests.
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Happy jumping on the road trip.
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A great colorful oriental melody to uplift your mood.
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Severe nature, northern lights, endless expanses covered with sparkling snow .
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It's very amazing and weird track.
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