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Spooky and fun music for Halloween projects and events
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A playful, spooky and fun Halloween upbeat theme with funny scary and magical mood. Great for kids show, nightmare cartoons, dark humor scenes, quirky comedy, etc.
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This is driving and energetic track featuring vintage small band.
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It's like sneaking into a dark old house with a flashlight - searching for clues. Featuring lots of fun instruments like castanets, fender Rhodes, flute, oboe, and celesta. Perfect for cartoon or a video game.
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A playful, spooky and bizarre Halloween theme with funny and military mood. Great for kids show, nightmare cartoons, dark humor scenes, quirky comedy, etc.
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This is calm and positive track in a peaceful mood.
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Spooky, mysterious and suspenseful Halloween music. Featuring a full orchestra with strings, woodwinds, celesta, and pizzicatos. Ideal for horror, creepy thriller, suspense or dark detective genres as well.
1:54 , 0:42, 1:01, 1:58, 1:58U
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Beautiful fun orchestral track with spooky and cheerful mood.
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Dark and mysterious orchestral track that conveys a mood of tension and fear.
1:45 , 0:19, 1:02, 2:10U, 2:10
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A chill-out/lounge track.
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Blood-freezing, mind-chilling track.
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Orchestral track ideal as a backdrop for Halloween or dark New Year. Great for advertising, trailer, tv/video, film, cartoons etc.
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Creepy, tense and spooky orchestral track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies.
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Cool as a cat and mysterious as a shadow man.
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A fun suspense tune with a fast pace and a great melodic hook.
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A fun, positive and funky tune with an unusual lead melody.
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A chirpy, lighthearted horror track.
1:55 , 2:15
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Deliberate, punchy arrangement of electric guitars, piano, organ, bass, drums, and percussion suggested for crime-in-progress scenes and dive bar segments reminiscent of retro TV detective series scores.
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Get ready for halloween masquerade!
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An inspiring, joyful and creative electronic track!
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A gentle track with big strings, giving the feeling of being adrift on a calm blue ocean.
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Groovy funky techno loop-ready track with some jazz harmony and optimistic mood.
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Gothic melody combined with modern rhythms, transport the listener into the era of knight's battles and viking raids.
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Wild and furious electronic music track.
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Groovy and fresh lounge track with a strong rhythm section and feel-good mood.
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