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'Percussion Band Party' is a very percussive and hi energy urban track which made by drumming only on a plastic buckets and metals.
1:51 , 2:30
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Modern, positive, powerfully, impressive track with strong punchy drum beats, fresh leads, deep bass, strong synth, sound effects. Good for cyberpunk movies, video games, youtube channel, sports action, car advertising, summer travel vlog, also perfect for any projects where you need energy and drive.
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Excited, powerful breakbeat track full of energetic rhythms and synths, coupled with pounding forceful drums.
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Big breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and energy.
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An electronic groovy moving breakbeat loop with a lot of bite and rhythm.
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A punchy stylish drum n bass influenced breakbeat track with high energy with stylish drums and rocky bass.
1:21 , 2:50U
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Timelapsing is an atmospheric and introspective electronic track suitable for various projects.
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A hard hitting drum n bass fused breakbeat track with tech drums and analogue synth.
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A cool styled looped break beat, instrumental track with a lot of bite, energy and style.
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This one is fast and biting!
1:57 , 3:09
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Positive funk with urban breakbeat drums, slap bass, funky guitars and rhodes.
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An upbeat trance style track with a catchy space themed melody giving the feeling of drifting through space and time.
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Energizing, uplifting, driving track in mainstream drum & bass genre with powerful breakbeat drum beats, crazy morphing bassline, bright synthesizers and leads, catchy melodies and more.
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It’s time to embark on a journey!
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Fast energetic and super catchy.
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Get ready for action!
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Lights, camera, action!
1:55 , 2:41
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Big cinematic percussion for any powerful action scenes.
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Uplifting feelgood summery track, featuring piano lead and funky modern dnb groove.
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A slow and ambient track in a calm mood with simple melody, huge drums and bass.
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Bouncy bass melody and a deep string pad, backed by big beat drums.
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A dynamic electronic track in a positive mood.
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Versatile high-tech corporate background is for any modern projects.
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An important and good news!
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Fast paced track with a catchy synth melody and a big fat bass and drum backing.
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Upbeat arpeggiated synth groove track with a cool pad backing and upbeat drums and bass.
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