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1:20 , 1:46
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A stylish chillhop music with cool jazzy elements. A perfect choice for chill zones, spa, fashion events, coffee shops, bars and restaurants.
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A laid back, cool and vintage instrumental hip hop funk music track featuring chopped female vocal sounds, deep and catchy double bass riffs, brass and piano.
1:09 , 2:26
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Trendy powerful future bass track with top sound quality can fit perfectly for fashion videos, club party videos, TV commercial & media projects.
1:30 , 2:24
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Atmospheric chillhop track for slideshow, video presentations, deep lounge presentation, YouTube videos, openers, ambient projects, beautiful time-lapse projects. Instruments are piano, drums, pads, synth.
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An acoustic hip-hop track with confident and a little melancholic mood, featuring groovy percussion and acoustic piano.
0:41 , 1:40
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Warm, stylish, energizing chillhop track in summer hip-hop genre with punchy breakbeat drum beats, old-school vinyl sounds, cool scratches, atmospheric arpeggio, cool rhythmic and more! Perfect for cool urban videos, and slideshows.
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Cool, melodic chill-hop track featuring smooth vocal chops, deep bass and floating synth textures.
1:15 , 1:22
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Old school lounge hip-hop / chillhop royalty free music. This very relaxed track is great for creating cool ambiance, high fashion style product image, and for every project needing modern and liquid sound.
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Instrumental laid back boom bap chillhop track. Great production music for fashion commercial, brand new collection, model catwalk, promotion video, lifestyle vlogs, underground culture, star life, Tv show, something trendy and cool.
0:45 , 1:41
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A positive summer mood hip hop beat with old school vinyl samples and groovy drums.
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Beautiful hip hop beat for various purposes.
1:19 , 1:24U
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New York Mood is a classic east coast hip-hop / chillhop track suitable for commercial projects.
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Soulful and smooth vintage chillhop. Features chopped vocal elements, piano and warm vintage drum parts. Perfect for vlogs, tutorial videos and stylish video productions.
1:16 , 2:17U, 2:17
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It's Future Bass track with EDM elements.
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Happy, optimistic instrumental chillhop featuring catchy chopped vocal elements, big beats, laid back jazzy sounds. Making it ideal for vlogs, tutorial videos and stylish video productions.
1:14 , 2:24
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Stylish chill-hop music with glamorous and downtempo elements.
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This one is an excellent experimental track for your presentations and various projects.
1:55 , 2:11
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Light, bright and floating chillstep, featuring future plucking synth leads, verby piano pads, electronic trappy drum beat.
1:11 , 0:35U, 1:24
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Energetic and positive hip-hop with funky mood.
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The energetic pop looped track, with a punchy drum beat and an inspiring, soaring chorus, with just the right amount of a vintage flavor.
1:55 , 1:00, 2:25U
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Funky Jam, has a great groove, you can hear lots of electric guitars, electro piano, scratch, analog synth, brass section and cool bass lines.
1:20 , 2:06, 2:06U
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This Chill track has a dark emotive vibe.
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Stylish, funky, cool track in hip-hop genre with old school sounding.
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Lush urban background music in chill hop style with liquid dub drops.
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Light, soft, warm, atmospheric and very inspiring hip-hop instrumental.
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Powerful track with a heavy but smooth dubstep sound.
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An optimistic and groovy instrumental hip hop track featuring chopped female vocal elements, strings, sophisticated basslines and vintage hip hop beats, making it perfect for vlogs, tutorial videos and stylish video productions.
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