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1:11 , 1:00U, 2:47
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Moody jazz-inspired arrangement of acoustic piano, vibraphone, upright bass, drums and percussion. Suitable for laid-back lounge scenes, cocktail party sequences and fine dining scenarios. Key of F minor, 120 bpm
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Happy and easy listening jazzy music track great for fun, joyful situations. Festive piano melodies, and conclusive ending. Great music for a kind of comical, light situations and for background music
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Vibrant flugelhorn over a jazz bed.
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This is a vintage action music, 70s style, full of smooth and tension.
1:55 , 2:33
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The ironic and slightly mysterious music in the style of noir.
0:55 , 2:02
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A City Nightscape Soundtrack with a Jazzy Vibe.
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Exciting drum solo, moving, involving, rolling and animated. Snares, toms, percussions cymbals and crashes. Such a wild drum track! Ideal to be inserted in a piece of music with trumpets or a fast piano melody, vibraphone or jazz guitar. Recorded at 118 Bpm, 4/4 timing.
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A cool, vibrant, urban-infused jazz piece. Featuring ambient jazz piano chords, a hip-hop vinyl drum kit and a smooth, jazz trumpet solo.
1:49 , 0:54
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Lounge, modern and trendy music for your project!
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Pop, Smooth Jazz Instrumental with a taste of a Latin flavor groove.
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An avant-garde jazz piece, with minimal structure, but with a unique mood.
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Upright bass accompanied by vibes and drums play tentative, jazz-inspired 109 second looped arrangement suggested for scenes of mystery, deduction, sneaky underhanded preparations, criminal activity, reminiscent of 'The Pink Panther'. Key of minor, 5/4 time, 132 beats/min
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An offbeat, relaxing, cool jazz track. Featuring bass, drums, piano, and saxophone.
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A chilling new school jazz beat with clean electric guitar, a deep bass and funky fun rhodes.
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Smooth jazzy chillout loop featuring light piano chord progression and electric piano solo line.
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Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood.
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Upright bass plays cautious walking pattern pausing for pitch-bending glissando notes with hihat cymbals and triangle, a la The Pink Panther.
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This is a spy movie type loop based on an upright bass line with an ethereal sounding electric piano melody.
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This is part of a larger piece that I wrote for sax.
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You have your reasons and your purpose to follow these fading lines that take you into the darkness of the night.
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Acoustic bass with processed trumpet and sax begin this loop.
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TOO BUSY is a calm and rich composition of piano work with delicate hush of chiming sound and soothing elements.

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