1:31 , 0:36, 1:52
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This is my new, super positive and celebratory happy Christmas music track with holiday and joyful mood! Don’t miss it, because this is really cheerful, calm and melodious pop track with bells and rhythmical drums. This track can be used as musical background for websites, video, and festive. Happy New Year!
1:52 , 1:56
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Positive and very optimistic music theme.
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Inspirational and emotional flamenco music track, with Spanish guitar, hand claps (palms) and traditional percussion.
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Inspirational, uplifting and motivating corporate music with a positive and relaxed atmosphere.
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Minimal, clean, positive and ambient background music, would perfectly match for your business and company presentation video, promotional and commercial projects.
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Joyful, lively folk Christmas loop-ready tune.
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A pumping, high-energy, house dance beat
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It's a cheerful and positive track featuring harp and strings.
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A dance song with driving bass drum and and synth that will get you mentally ready for any occasion.
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This one is a beautiful dance track for various purposes.
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A building electronic track.
1:01 , 2:09, 2:09U
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This is an uplifting track in a bright, yet majestic mood.
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An upbeat, positive and celebration style Brazilian percussive track that is perfect for the Rio Olympics and latin samba feel.
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Full Symphony Orchestra.
1:34 , 4:48
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Jazzy hip-hop track with an undeniably catchy groove and laid back beat.
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This is a heartwarming positive and energetic soundscape/atmosphere track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet sequence and slowly swells into an soft electro with huge guitars textures.
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A happy go lucky feelgood track.
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Uplifting acoustic dance pop track.
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This is a sequence of electronic ethnic music dedicated to the famous Spanish festivals of reconquest, better known as Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos
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A Christmas track filled with wonder and discovery.
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Enchanting entertainment paradise! Cosmic bowling on the rings of Saturn all the year round! Ther is enough space to play the game to more than one million athletes from all over the galaxy!
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Anthemic RnB style pop track with uplifting orchestral hook, cool hip hop drum loop, analogue synths.
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A light and joyful, funky pop track with a playful xylophone melody and easy going mood.
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Cheerful Christmas melody with jingling bells sound effects, piano and drums.
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This icy cold winter background music featuring crystal bells brings alive magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays spirit.
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Acoustic bass with processed trumpet and sax begin this loop.
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