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  • When Dreams Come True by Ivan Marklove

    This is the perfect inspirational corporate music for your next great project. Soft and Uplifting track with a light and happy feel motivates you to start your day and feel upbeat about the tasks on hand. It's drums and guitars create a great sound for your next inspirational video, real estate video, product promotion, <a href='/music-for/on-hold'>hold music</a> or any other products or services that need that extra edge.

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    We Are Going Home by Ivan Marklove

    Imagine yourself surrounded by the rolling hills of green grass. The sun brought out a refreshing spring morning. You opened your eyes and could see the birds singing and smiling as you woke up. This music is to inspire, bring back your childhood memories, and make you smile on a rainy day when all you want to do is lay under your warm blanket and read a storybook. This music is suitable for any product that brings joy and happiness but at the same time can be used in projects related to family, kids, brand videos, movie trailers, and romantic videos.

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    Sweet Childhood by Ivan Marklove

    Sweet and nostalgic cheerful Ukulele tune for your next great project. This music track is fulfilled with strong emotions of joy, happiness and lightness. Become a great addition to your next family or kids commercial, personal presentation for your relatives, facebook or Tik-Tok videos about cooking or animals, etc.

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    Days To Remember by Ivan Marklove

    Uplifting Indie Rock Background Corporate music for your next great video project. Nice and Inspirational atmposphere will bring an excellent mood to your video. Great choice for YouTube, Facebook, Tik-Tok or Instagram short video, advertisemnt, commercial, etc. Thank you for attention and have a nice day!

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    Night City Drive by Ivan Marklove

    Retrowave atmospheric background music with a greav vibe of 80s. Feel the atmosphere of bright neon city at night. Track has a very pleasant groove and become a great addition to your next great video project.

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    Space Of Creativity by Ivan Marklove

    This bright, uplifting, and cheerful pop music will make your projects sound great. It features a catchy, groovy guitar riff, a driving bassline, and a slightly distorted electric guitar melody line. This upbeat tune can be used as background music in any business, travel, or motivational video production.

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