Ilya Truhanov

Since May, 2016
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Russian guitarist and composer from Moscow. Was born in 1973. Professional music career started in 1996 year. Winner of several international competitions, has recorded 6 albums of original music, was recognized as one of the best acoustic guitarist of Russia in 2004.
  • Flamenco Guitar by Ilya Truhanov

    Positive, energetic, and joyful flamenco music track featuring acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, and a fast tempo. Great for those who needs to create a Spanish ambience in travel video, romantic love stories. It could be the background music for food recipe or a movie scene.

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    Sunny Sunny Day by Ilya Truhanov

    Very positive track. Acoustic guitars, banjo, bass, melodica, and percussion. Easy playing and positive emotions.

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    Wild West Guitar by Ilya Truhanov

    This authentic beautiful acoustic intro in a Western, Americana style. It features a fingerstyle acoustic guitar solo. Imagine sitting around the campfire after the long and dusty journey. So saddle up your horses or jump into the pickup trucks and ride off into the sunset.

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    Lancelot From Camelot by Ilya Truhanov

    This track is a beautiful ballad on acoustic guitars - classical style with a Latino groove. The track is very gentle and airy, perfect for any media project where the viewers need to feel that they are in a peaceful place.

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    Love In Paris by Ilya Truhanov

    Lyrical and romantic mood song. Love and spring in Paris, featuring acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, and accordion. Ideal for love stories, holiday trips, and lovely promenade through the streets. Great for any project that needs French allure and charm.

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    Midday Tea Break by Ilya Truhanov

    Emotional and elegant tango waltz in Last Tango in Paris style recorded live with acoustic guitar, bass, bouzouki, and accordion. Nostalgic, beautiful and romantic. The ideal soundtrack for melodrama, Argentina related visuals, European Films, romantic travel to France.

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    Sad Comedy by Ilya Truhanov

    This is a fun music that features acoustic guitars, bass and harmonica. This song will work great for light and ironic moods, and is especially ideal for humorous projects.

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    Playa Roja by Ilya Truhanov

    The positive melody in Peruvian style that features acoustic guitars, ukulele, bass and percussion. Ideal for the romantic love stories, honeymoon journey, travel videos, as easy-listening on hold music, and more.

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    Latino Dream by Ilya Truhanov

    Positive and relaxing, latin style music. Featuring acoustic guitars, bass, and percussion. This track is similar to Manu Chao themes. Great for summer vacation slideshow, travelogues, holiday and leisure, videos demonstrating food recipe preparation, especially the Greek or Mediterranean kitchen.

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    Spring Mood In The City by Ilya Truhanov

    Happy, motivational and positive acoustic guitars. Get into the swing of things with this fun and fast tempo track. Great for romantic scenes, warm spring days, happy bright moments.

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    The Whiskey Blues by Ilya Truhanov

    Acoustic guitars, bass, kalimba and percussion are featured in this short but cool blues theme. It's ironic and quirky mood will suit well for romantic film in style of "Sex and the City", sophisticated advertising, carefree intros, memorable podcast opener, narrative video and more.

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    Acoustic Guitar Sketch by Ilya Truhanov

    Solo acoustic guitar. Steel strings and classical style. Romantic mood.

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    Rainy Day In Paris by Ilya Truhanov

    The beautiful track with a nostalgic, lyrical theme, acoustic guitars, and accordion. The melody filled with warmth, a sense of pure nostalgia, the atmosphere of a summer evening in the village. Good for scenes of romance, re-uniting, sadness or loneliness, captions and dubbing, series and melodramas, about the rural outback and happiness against all the odds.

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    More Smiles by Ilya Truhanov

    Happy and positive acoustic guitar track in a country style. This lovely song is great for any intro, opener, or promo project that needs a fun, lighthearted feeling.

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    Sunny Bossa by Ilya Truhanov

    Sunny Bossa is a light and sweet themed stock music track featuring acoustic guitars and percussion. Listen and relax, like a lazy day by the sea.

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    Gypsy Jazz by Ilya Truhanov

    This music track hypnotizes with its amazing guitar lead and melody. It is an acoustic guitar music piece, in gypsy jazz style. A positive mood accompanied by acoustic guitars, bass and percussion is an excellent choice for your movies, trailers and teasers, presentations, Youtube videos, social media contents, animations and many more. If you put this track right next to your project, you will certainly be able to achieve your ultimate goal!

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    Passion Tango by Ilya Truhanov

    Passion Tango will bring you passion and fiery emotions. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, accordion, percussion.

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    Guitarra Y Castanuelas by Ilya Truhanov

    Acoustic guitar music with soulful bass, percussion, and castanets. Spanish motifs created such romance and a relaxed atmosphere. Best undescoure for comedy soundtrack, happy-end moments, dancing under the scorching sun, a day at the winery, summer vacations, and other positive cinematic projects.

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    Sunny Day Is Funny Day by Ilya Truhanov

    This is a very positive track featuring acoustic guitars, vibraphone, banjo, bass, melodica and percussion. Easy playing and very positive emotions.

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    Latino Buratino by Ilya Truhanov

    A positive melody where Latin harmony meets Balkan. In Carlos Santana's and Goran Bregovic style. Evokes feelings of summer holidays, warm days, countryside journey, family and friends gathering.

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    November by Ilya Truhanov

    A skilled musician plays a soft and melancholic acoustic ballad music as he sits on the lake shore. The sun sets over the water, partially shadowing his face with dramatic effect. He plays the song written specially for two people who are deeply in love with each other. The melody so harmonious that it seems to answer all romantic deepest wishes. It's a beautiful ballad about love, passion, dreams and hope.

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    Pulse Of Big City by Ilya Truhanov

    An acoustic track combining electric guitars, bass, cajon, and percussion. Bright, optimistic mood with a sentimental touch. Great for the new relationship, springtime in a big city, inspiring future, family-friendly commercials, so on.

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