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Since Oct, 2021
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Elijah Aaron creates world-class production music with such clarity of vision that his tracks can inspire projects in a matter of seconds. Blending cinematic folk melodies, inspiring indie rock and rhythmic world percussion, Elijah shares Paul Simon’s uncanny ability to distill different genres into an original voice. It’s music to elevate any project, and draws on a decade’s experience composing for TV networks, global car brands and The Rolling Stones!
  • Angels Among Us by Elijah Aaron

    Swimming acoustic and electric guitars guide you on a gentle and thought-provoking journey. The open-tuned guitars offer a unique, yet familiar sound.

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    Yes Forever by Elijah Aaron

    Get lost in the gentle flowing acoustic waltz with a touch of romance played on guitars and piano. This delicate and calming track carries a lot of emotion is certainly not limited to one particular project style or genre. Ideal as backdrop music for your magical moments, wedding receptions, brides and grooms footage, engagement sessions, as well as lifestyle videos about travel, home, and family memories.

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    Delicate Glance by Elijah Aaron

    This song conveys a message of comfort, of strength and hope. Gently flowing piano and acoustic guitars are supported by an understated yet elegant orchestration to create a complete package that will appeal to the listener's emotions.

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    Happy Village by Elijah Aaron

    Outrageously catchy and inspiring world music employing a range of traditional ethnic instruments. The track has a joyful melody, with uplifting rhythms and a happy atmosphere invoking the animals, landscapes, history, and vibrant cultures of Africa. Ideal travel, outdoor, hobby, family, adverts, documentary cookery.

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    Cradled In The Hand That Holds Us by Elijah Aaron

    A tender, heartfelt, and beautiful indie-folk acoustic ballad about love. A mix of banjo, mandolin, and ukulele create a gentle country feel. This romantic music evokes a longing for the simple things in life-to fall for someone deeply, to be held close by your lover on a cool autumn night, to walk hand-in-hand through an autumn forest.

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    Back To Doowop by Elijah Aaron

    Take a pleasant journey back to the golden age of 1950's doo-wop with rhythm and blues music digitally remastered. Featuring smooth, hand-picked rhythms and easy male vocals. Let the melody readily familiar to you sweep you up in the emotion of romance, which seems inevitable when listening to these profound tunes. Perfect for a wide range of media applications where a vintage feel is desired.

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    Big Changes by Elijah Aaron

    An emotional corporate track perfect for a New Year's recap. Reflecting on the past and looking forward to what the future will bring. Perfect for a New Years' montage. 

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    Along The Seashore by Elijah Aaron

    A romantic rock ballad in the style of Goo Goo Dolls. A track that captures movement towards something better. The piece was recorded with cellos and acoustic guitar, giving it a more heartfelt sound that provides depth to the hopeful songs. Works well with video montages.

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    Which Way To Turn by Elijah Aaron

    This is a story of a man who dreams of capturing the beauty and the wonder in his very soul. He travels the world and meets unique characters intent on making their mark in the world. As time goes by, their paths diverge until one day, and they have to confront their pasts to rediscover themselves and find what they had been seeking all along. This song is a blend of captivating and emotional chants, powerful percussion lines, tribal drums fused with an indie-folk acoustic feel.

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    Dream Dance by Elijah Aaron

    Catchy male and female vocal lines mixed with an explosion of pop percussion and world rhythms. The music creates a strong sense of positivity; helping the listener vividly imagine all the good that is yet to come.

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    Beats And Salsa by Elijah Aaron

    This energetic Salsa-Pop fusion track is perfect for your advertising or promo with that Caribbean vibe! It features a catchy piano montuno, timbales, and lots of great Latin percussion. If you're looking for something completely different than what you usually hear in commercial music, this is it.

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