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Since Sep, 2013
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I create music for a variety of media. I especially love creating loops for video games and creating emotional music for a variety of projects.
  • Off The Farm by Brian Holmes

    An upbeat and positive orchestral game loop similar to a traditional Victorian-era song. This music is full of adventure spirit of the first pioneer settlers'. It starts as a typical "farm game" loop but changes into an almost cinematic feel with a beautiful, sweeping melody.

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    Something To Hold On To by Brian Holmes

    Just as the music of Chopin has transcended the boundaries of time, this solo piano piece will move you into a place of serenity and stillness. Featuring a simple but delicate melody that coalesces into an overall peaceful soundscape. This is the instrumental track that you can listen to over and over again.

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    Becoming Something Greater by Brian Holmes

    An upbeat and inspirational corporate background music featuring muted guitar, piano, strings, and a driving rhythm. This track is ideal for commercials and advertisements, slideshows, presentations, business use, and much more.

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    Romance For Harp by Brian Holmes

    Romantic orchestral composition with a sensitive and pleasant melody. The combination of a bright, sweet harp melody with warm, luscious strings creates a beautiful track that is emotional and captivating. Great for weddings ceremony, romantic themes, tender moments, declarations of love scenes and long-awaited dating.

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    Mischievous Magic by Brian Holmes

    A bouncy, quirky loop inspired by mobile video games, particularly those like Angry Birds. Features an orchestral arrangement with clarinet and strings melody. This is a perfect accompaniment for the cartoon film, holiday story, catchy creative commercial, or adventure movie trailer. Similar to Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney music production.

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    Peaceful Town by Brian Holmes

    This loop is perfect for any game that needs a relaxed and inviting mood. A combination of retro orchestral elements creates a very sweet-sounding track, while the oboe melody adds a sweet feel to this medium tempo track.

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    Lets Talk Success by Brian Holmes

    A short, upbeat, and positive corporate track with electric guitar, piano, drums, and bass. Great for podcast intros, idents, vlogs, short adverts, and more!

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    Superhuman by Brian Holmes

    An epic, intense royalty free orchestral score, with piano, flutes, strings, brass, choirs, hits, and war drums, best for trailers, fantasy games, or heroic footage.

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    The Royal Kingdom by Brian Holmes

    Castles and knights, kings and queens, peasants and royalty. This orchestral loops sparks imagery of a mighty kingdom and its people. Bouncy and majestic. Great for games and film.

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    Spanish Vibe by Brian Holmes

    A chill, lo-fi royalty free Latin hip-hop, with cool brass hits, pianos, solid bass, vocal cuts, and drums, best for vlogs, intros, branding, lifestyle, or travel footage.

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    Death And Life by Brian Holmes

    Everything comes to an end but gives way to a new opportunity. This beautiful solo piano loop carries the emotional journey of an end and a new beginning.

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    The Power Of Christmas by Brian Holmes

    An orchestral instrumental Christmas music packed with an original melody and some classic carols!

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    This Is My Passion by Brian Holmes

    A laid-back, motivational, corporate piano track with a beautiful melody. The uplifting mood is supported by a driving rhythm and bass, soaring strings, electric guitars, and warm effects.

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    Tranquil Inspiration by Brian Holmes

    A laid-back approach to the typical inspirational style. This loop maintains the inspirational elements but in a relaxed setting with a beautiful flute melody.

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    Be A Hero by Brian Holmes

    An epic orchestral piece with a big brass, soaring strings, and military percussion that creates a heroic, inspirational feel.

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    Easy Street by Brian Holmes

    An upbeat and chill cool jazz loop with a funky groove. Features a playful organ melody on top of a laid back groove by upright bass and drums. Great for casual games, podcasts, advertisements, and more.

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    Foggy Morning by Brian Holmes

    A peaceful classical-piano composition, with wispy synth effects, creates a feeling of calm and peace. Great for cinematic production, as a dramatic film soundtrack, emotional love story, nostalgic memories, peaceful family morning and more.

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    The Fancier Things by Brian Holmes

    A majestic royal kingdom, a fancy dinner party, or even a masquerade ball are just a few images that come to mind with this loop written for only strings. Great for games!

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    Monster Mansion by Brian Holmes

    Welcome to the dark side of Halloween, where killer music is waiting to scare you. This Halloween track is perfect for spooky media projects. Use it in your next Halloween video game, for scary commercials, or to make your next podcast bone-chillingly good. Featuring organ and piano melody, plucky strings, brass swells, and "scary" effects.

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    Inner Energy by Brian Holmes

    An emotional and atmospheric track featuring piano, electric guitar/synth arps and effects, and strings, and percussion that create an inspirational and uplifting mood. Great for glory and bravery, military themes, award-winning documentaries, dramatic backgrounds, and more!

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    Beautiful Motion by Brian Holmes

    An uplifting cinematic piece with a bright joyful sound, giving a sense of hope and good things on the horizon. Perfect for Victorian themed historical documentary TV series, Christmas advertising, winter fairs, family holidays scenes, snowy slopes and hills frames, YouTube winter vacations vlogs, gift delivery services commercial and more.

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    Strings On The Run by Brian Holmes

    A suspenseful loop featuring only strings in a tense, driving rhythm. Great for games, chase themes, spy themes, anime, game shows, and more!

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    Finding The Light by Brian Holmes

    An emotional and dramatic piano piece, full of dark apathy and sadness. Imagine staying in a deep underwater, it's dark and calm there, cold sunny rays seep through the thickness of the water, and you are drowning in your emotions. Ideal background music for indie games, various cinematic uses, memorial video, space themes, thriller scenes, and more.

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    Mixed Emotions by Brian Holmes

    An emotional and haunting loop for piano and cello. There's an alternating feeling of sadness and hope with no real resolution to either and features a beautiful and simple solo on the cello. Great for dramatic themes, historical backgrounds, classical themes, and memorial videos.

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    Success Is Motivating by Brian Holmes

    An upbeat and inspirational track featuring piano, electric guitars, smooth percussion, and a whistle synth melody. Creates an uplifting and motivational mood great for youtube backgrounds, vlogs, corporate presentations music, top ten lists, advertisements, and much more!

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