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Cool, chill vibes featuring acoustic guitar, groovy bass line, and intricate rhythm.
A peaceful, soothing piano piece with a hybrid synth ambiance accompanying.
One minute background music with classical piano and swaying synth creates spacious sweeping atmosphere. Suitable for advertising.
A flowing new-age type track, with a slight tropical feel. Features pan pipe, harp arpeggios and refreshing soft ,sparkling pads. Good for meditation, yoga classes, zen moments, spa, retreats, relaxing nature videos etc.
A peaceful, quite & soft melody with a soft and worm piano riff and soft pads and atmospheres.
An uplifting and track that is perfect for many uses such as high tech, lifestyle, innovation, corporate and business videos. Features spaced out synthesizers, dreamy piano keys, funky beats and soaring strings.
Traditional Indian instrumentation such as Sitar, sarod, Indian vocal phrases and bansuri flute combine to create a unique taste of Indian culture.
A beautiful, soft and relaxing music – perfect for a meditative background or background ambience.
Spacious brass instruments slowly rise with magical chimes and build up to a dramatic grand ending creating an epic style ending and inspiring piece.
An ethereal ambient chillout track, featuring soft beats, emotive pads and a melodic piano melody.
Spiritual relaxing piano melody overlaid with acoustic guitar creating a pleasant spiritual melody suitable for tranquil relaxing end uses. Atmospheric synth effect add a spacious feel to the track which combines nicely with the piano chords. Very useful for spa, massage or health therapy use to help people to chill out and relax.
A reflective, melancholy track which features piano and guitars.
Very pleasant and soothing melody loop.
Old analog synth meets flute in mysterious space. They are surrounded by light bells, fretless and processed drum beat.
This is a heartwarming positive and calm soundscape/atmosphere, Perfect for drone videos, Time-lapse clips and emotional scenes.
Piano chords play a repetitive melody at the start whilst gradually being introduced with synths and electronic bass to create a modern track designed to inspire, motivate and provide a simplistic element of quality.
A choir plays in the background of the track to create a pleasant and spacious feel with gentle hints of acoustic guitar and Ethnic drum beats. As the track progresses, instruments begin to combine to suggest a sense of happiness, freedom and relief. Very useful track for advertising.
Laid back chill out lounge track.
Beautiful percussion over dream pads
Airy slow tempo track with acoustic guitar, heavy drums and spacey synths
Angelic, romantic sounding track.
Nocturne life comes to the end.
Landscapes from the air, dreams and creativity. Images from a clear mind open as space itself.
Gamalan and Bansuri Flute create this legendary, slightly epic slow composition designed to convey slow motion scenes for demonstration techniques or battle scenes conveying a medieval, acient legend edge .
Easy listening track. Pure nature soundscape filled with croaking, chirping, splashing effects harmonizes with spatial synth pads it creates relaxing mood.
Spacey, dreamy, exotic, beaty track with indian vibe.
Driving and building, featuring calm and soft bells texture and piano riff with a smooth deep big drums-filed groove that creates a bold and heroic mood.
A calm and angelic ambient piece would be perfect at many fields such as Spa and Yoga, travelling to exotic lands.
A versatile track with many uses.
Solid beat with 4 part chord sequence accompanied by space sound effects, and also ocean waves. Inspired by spaceship travelling through the stars and planets.
Soft acoustic instrumentals overlaid with colourful ambient washes create a mild sense of escape and luxury.
A luscious track that gives the feeling of being at the beach and hearing the waves gently ripple on to the shore.
A Deep space/Chill-out loop with dark piano chords.
Reflective and light electronic loop.
Light background track in soft Hip-Hop/ R'n'B style.
Breezy and relaxed mid-tempo loop with a great feel-good ambience.
A fusion of ethnic/new age with a hint of medieval.
Soft and soothing melody with music-box-like sound texture.
This soundtrack evokes a calm and peaceful mood featuring a rustic solo Dobro over a sparse and spacious backdrop of string pads, bass and percussion.
'First Light' is a very soft and quite atmosphere track,with a very smooth and gentle piano movement in the background.
Thought-stimulating background soothing track.
A soothing, relaxing, sensual ambient, new age piece.
Modern styled relax music with electric guitar and ambient sounds.
On the horizon is visible crystal castle, from which heard the magic sounds of the harp, guitar, celesta and percussion .
This cinematic new age music combines a modern and relaxing style while being peaceful and inspiring at the same time.
'Sparks' is a mellow, calm track with a soft and a relaxing texture with a dreamy piano.
Simple but elegant lounge track that shows some positive moments in life.
Beautiful ambient space background music with athmospheric effects will free your mind from the everyday.
A relaxing journey through a tranquil forest, featuring flute, choirs and harp.
A calm relaxing track with nature sound of water and birds combined with bongos drums and rainstick.
A melodic,piano led ambient chillout track.
Dubstep track featuring piano, drum machine and pads.
Calm and shady track in rhythms of oriental dance.
This world music fuses together an island spirit with a modern vibe.
This peaceful new age fusion combines a modern world style with a tranquil and relaxing vibe.
Track full of peace and quiet, with dominant harp on a background of running water, synth and soft piano.
A very relaxed and tranquil ambient/new age track,featuring flute,guitar and various synthpads.
Beautiful piano and gentle strings in the background provide relaxing theme music suitable for calm scene or documentary background.
Ambient chill out vibe for your needs, a bit melancholic, peaceful, airy and angelic
Exotic atmosphere and aromas of Japan in this quiet and relaxing loop.
Simple, peaceful, upbeat solo harp repeats motifs in 54 second loop.
A soft melodic ambient track, floaty, dreamy and relaxing and suitable for voice overs etc
Breath of spring, soft but energetic positive.
Calm and pleasant jazz fusion track with a modern, cinematic twist.
This is a simple and soft ,slow and sweet ballad.
Friendly asian song with original instruments combined with some modern sounds.
Humans rely upon music to embody each element of the human experience, including that of relaxation. The use of music for relaxation is something refreshing, something soothing, and something which wields a great deal of stress-removing power when used appropriately.
Relaxing music for spas contain natural elements, unique compared to other musical forms, which can be used to enhance or induce relaxation, meditation, or even sleep. The best royalty free background music for a spa, or even for a relaxing workspace can come in the form of a good download or mp3 wav and can be used time and time again to achieve a sense of calm inside and out.

Natural instrumentation supplies an effective complement to tranquility and serenity in music for spa treatments. Of course there exists music for spas which embody white noise, or rather serve to remove other distractions such as traffic sounds. White noise can enable those in deep meditation the opportunity to focus the mind on one’s consciousness.

Relaxing spa music facilitates serenity and calmness by complementing the natural brain waves of the listener. The human brain will move in and out of repetitive sounds, but in some cases it is these repetitive sounds which serve as the source of a distraction; a dog barking while you attempt sleep or a large truck passing through the nearby intersection can interfere with relaxation and the ability for the brain to achieve tranquility.

Spa salon music waves comprise unique audio and musical sounds to ask the exterior sounds disruptive to the human psyche. By combining string or wind instruments with natural environments and white noise, even the most disruptive signals to the brain can be eliminated.

The best music for spa treatments will cultivate relaxation on a subconscious level such that the listener will not notice anything save for the peace and clarity they are afforded. Those who integrate appropriate spa music remove the interference which prohibits relaxation on a cognitive level and send soothing signals to the auditory regions of the brain, allowing the body and mind to clear away emotional problems and send healing and meditative brainwaves.

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