Taking you on a journey between light and uplifting to dark and heavy, "A Hero's Retribution" is an intense orchestral song featuring a full orchestra, massive percussion, and huge crescendos.
Epic, majestic modern-orchestral score with sharp and edgy strings, powerful huge choirs and majestic, energy-packed drums.
Intense, Aggressive, Dramatic and Epic, featuring lush strings, dark brass, epic percussion, synthesizers and sound design that develops a gigantic texture with its buildup and contrasting dynamics.
Mighty orchestral track great for war movie or documentary.
An epic, uplifting hybrid orchestral track.
An epic, positive, uplifting orchestral cue with driving staccato strings, massive horns and deep drums.
Epic Intense Trailer Intro II is a powerful hybrid orchestra trailer intro that conveys intensity and drama.
This is a dramatic composition with a strings, piano, choir, and percussions.
Intense, Dramatic and Epic, this cinematic hybrid trailer features lush strings, dark brass, epic percussion, gigantic choir, synthesizers and sound design that develops a gigantic texture with its buildup and contrasting dynamics.
A dark, hybrid, epic trailer underscore that contains huge drums, epic taiko rolls, digital sound effects, and pulsating percussion.
Composed specifically for use in trailers and games, this epic hybrid track uses a full orchestra with contemporary synth sounds to create an awesome sense of drama, adventure and power.
Big epic action theme with orchestral arrangement and a lot of energy,Intense and very powerful drums sound.
Big hits accentuated by dirty glitches run through this hard and heavy Epic Hybrid Trailer.
An uplifting, epic, heroic, majestic orchestral track.
An intense, tech or sci-fi hollywood epic hybrid orchestral track with a momentous climax that conveys tension and awe.
This is a film or game soundtrack, performed by big symphonic orchestra.
An epic hybrid orchestral track.
Anthemic track featuring strings and horns with heavy drums
Epic, uplifting and inspiring hybrid orchestral track with rhythmic strings, bold, bright horns and contemporary drums.
Powerful, epic modern orchestral/ rock track.
Epic Intense Trailer intro Indent is a short, powerful, epic trailer intro that conveys intensity and drama.
Emotional Piano with gentle string backing creates a dramatic sense of love, sorrow and emotional sadness.
Faith is like a standby Generator.
Dark, ominous movie trailer filled with epic percussion, dramatic strings and noble horns.
Epic, powerful, rousing, orchestral track with deep, driving percussion and rhythmic guitars.
Epic cinematic trailer music featuring a full orchestra using strings, brass, huge percussion, and piano.
Epic Journey to Hell is a big, dramatic orchestral piece that begins with driving staccato strings and builds to a hellish climax with horns, choirs and drums.
An energetic, high-octane, action packed orchestral and synth track with big percussion to drive it along.
Intense Majestic and Epic, featuring strings, brass, large taiko drums, and massive choir that create a gigantic texture with its buildup and contrasting dynamics.
A hybrid cinematic track, with oscillating, arpeggiating synths.
An emotionally charged epic & distorted track with distorted synths over strings and pounding drums in this edgy track.
An dark, intense hollywood epic hybrid orchestral track with a momentous climax that conveys tension and awe.
An introspective, slow piece And elegant and tender piano track.
Epic, powerful majestic track with big orchestra sounds.
A dramatic orchestral horror/thriller theme that conveys a sense of chaos and a looming threat or danger.
An epic can be defined as a long version of poem dealing with a great and serious subject. These poems are generally based on the historical facts about a nation or a tribe and may be of two types, comic and serious. To make the genre more enjoyable while narrating it to the viewers, music plays an important role. Epic music is unique and has exceptional features. It is brought up with the help of certain orchestras and musical equipments. Narration of the poem becomes easy and convenient with the help of music.

The music used in the comical epics includes a soft appealing and fun. Clapping sounds, laughter sounds are used in this type of music. Appropriate usage of the music is necessary in order to provide a correct narration of the epic. Music helps in creating appropriate drama in the situation. The emotional effects are also affected with the help of music.

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