Royalty Free Smooth Jazz Music

Smooth jazz with a chill out, laid back groove as a alto sax plays a sexy and soothing melody.
Happy and easy listening jazzy music track great for fun, joyful situations.
Medium slow smooth jazz background piece. Drums, upright bass, electric piano, synthesizer pad.
Uplifting and positive music, great for advertising, commercials, corporate projects.
Smooth pop jazz with female vocal making for an easy going, laid back listening experience.
Medium slow smooth jazz piece, the same as Smooth and Mellow 1 but featuring a piano solo. Meant as additional to Smooth and Mellow 1, good for LongoLoops. Drums, Upright bass, electric piano, acoustic piano, synth pad.
An intense and touching instrumental jazz track featuring piano, acoustic bass, drums, strings and guitar.
A cool lounge style track with a groovie percussion, strong bass, light guitar melody, electric piano and synth background sounds.
Smooth jazz, easy listening, middle tempo, background music, alt sax, vibraphone, two acoustic guitars, bass and drums.
A laid-back, catchy melody featuring funky upright bass, human whistle and bassoon creates a steady happy go lucky style track with a carefree vibe suggesting someone walking along whistling casually.
Smooth Jazz track with positive and relax mood.
Pop, Smooth Jazz Instrumental with a taste of a Latin flavor groove.
Laid-back, mellow jazz phrases with a hint of train-like drums suggesting movement or progress.
Medium slow background smooth jazz track featuring drums, electric bass, electric piano and synthesizers.
Pop, easy listening, chill-out instrumental with a tenor sax playing an occasional musical hook motif.
A Traditional reggae style track combining steel drums, maracas and various acoustic instruments along side electric guitars that are commonly used in Caribbean areas such as beach holiday bars and popular resorts.
Smooth jazz tune played on the sax over an upbeat backdrop of guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.
Something very soft and tender fills our soul when we listen to this track .
Smooth jazz music, great for ambient and background situations.
A sophisticated jazz instrumental track great for any TV/movie scene, romantic video, documentary, hotel lounge paylist, sexy entertainment footages and night club.
Get up a bit earlier and go to a lonely beach.
Touching and beautiful song with sentimental mood.
Medium slow, mellow, sophisticated smooth jazz tune featuring drums, upright bass, electric piano, strings and muted trumpet playing melody.
Mellow and relaxed lounge style jazz track with a great saxophone solo
Cool music recorded with piano trio, great for ambient an background situations.
Background music without attracting attention.
Quiet romantic melody in the lounge style for jazz quintet: piano, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums.
Laid back and relaxed track with Trombone and Electric Guitar.
Get ready to move and groove for Christmas.
Cool instrumental music, smooth and jazzy.
This is really worth taking a listen too.
Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood.
Medium tempo jazzy music recorded with piano and double bass.
A groovy, atmospheric retrostyle soul-track with a jazz guitar hookline over a funky drum beat and a vintage rhodes piano.
Cool and positive music track recorded with guitar, piano and drums.
Groovy acoustic music recorded with piano trio.
This simple melody for jazz quartet give you a good mood.
Cool jazz tune recorded on Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Double bass and Drums.
Bossa nova, Brazilian music.
Energetic latin music recorded on Piano, Marimba, bass and drums.
Nice and romantic track with a classical guitars and a smooth a gentle singer in Parisian style.
Smooth, jazzy, upbeat, mid tempo accoustic guitar driven melody topping a latin flavored rhythm section.
When it comes to a genre of music that is chilled and relaxed, then smooth jazz music is one option that can do all of that and more. If you were of the opinion that jazz music had to be frenetic, then think again because smooth jazz really is something different. What we are talking about here is something that will just relax your body and mind and transport you to a place of absolute calmness like never before.

Whether it be piano, trumpets, drums or the double bass as the primary instrument, the entire concept of smooth jazz is to take the listener to another world, one which gets their foot tapping. Smooth jazz music can be used in so many different ways and with a variety of projects making it perfect for movies, YouTube videos and so many other avenues. Jazz in general creates such a wonderful atmosphere that it draws people in and holds them captive to any scene.

If you are trying to create a sense of calm, or even something with a slightly sexy undertone, then this genre of music can be the perfect answer to your needs. It offers you a delicate track that is capable of summing up the mood and taking your viewer or listener to a completely different world where they can get lost in the absolute beauty of the music. It is no surprise that jazz has remained so popular for decades due to its versatility and ability to enthral people, even those that do not regard themselves as being jazzy lovers.

Melody Loops can offer you all of this and more thanks to our royalty free tracks that have been composed by us, so there is no need to worry about any legal issues. Each track is available as an mp3 wav file and after it has been downloaded you can use it in any way you wish since they are compatible with a wide range of editing programs. We do not just provide good jazz music, but we provide smooth jazz music that is not only relaxing on the ears, but also the mind.

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