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Positive, energetic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and victory.
Postive and wholesome acoustic track.
Pop, Reggae, Rock Instrumental with a touch of Blues, Funk and R&B mixed over a danceable beat.
Driving and dynamic track.
Catchy acoustic guitar-based piece suggesting a typical happy driving track through America and a sense of freedom or celebrating.
Energetic, motivating house track with electric guitar melody crystal clear acoustic guitars, wide synths, a distinctive bass line, piano melody and a powerful beat.
There is nothing more beautifully than the sky.
A great little sad music returns the listener in times cowboys and westerns.
A happy and uplifting country melody featuring guitars, banjos and fiddles.
Happy go lucky, lifting loop inspired by an old truck pulling up a hill with the folks in it being playful.
Modern country western style blues rock with a twist.
Upbeat slide guitar with busy upbeat drum beats creates foot tapping, hand clapping, western style rural jig suitable for comedy or western themed projects.
Rushes to you with fast trains, flies by the first aircraft, hasten with new feelings.
An upbeat, uplifting, energetic and happy track featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar,organ bass and acoustic drums.
A theme for motorbike shows, country style actions, beeing on the road, driving with motor cycle, maybe a country style barbecue with truck drivers.
A cool and driving loop with electric guitar playing country licks.
Warm, joyful, positive acoustic inspirational motivational, instrumental track inspired to country-rock and new age.
Fun,Loving Energetic Electric Guitar Melody.
Multiple electric guitars add some spark to Electric City in this light rock tune.
Nice pop rock hanging around.
An easy-going melody by acoustic guitar sends our thoughts to nice eco-place.
Synth bass, drums, digital synthesizers and syncopated percussion combine for 78 second loop of frantic, driving energy.
Electric guitars, bass and drums play retro pop rock with country-flavored lead fills, inspired by The Rolling Stones.
An echo filled solitary guitar riff with electric bass.
Positive and optimistic driving track in a good mood.
Quiet, joyful, positive, inspirational, motivational instrumental track inspired to country-rock and new age.
Guitar in combination with jazz organ play funny song with retro sound.
Our family cafe best of all is suitable for sunday rest by all family.
Easy listening light track featuring acoustic guitar, accordion and electric guitar solo.
Positive and energetic track with a slide solo guitar.
Steady medium slow shuffle electric blues.
Second per second you watch the most complex and beautiful phenomenon - your own life, seconds form a mysterious line
Well paced acoustic guitar, drums and bass giving a very sunny upbeat feel
Positive and uplifting track.
Country rock music is something that most people can identify, even though they may not be sure what defines the style. It is essentially a combination of rock and country but it was started by rock and roll singers who began using more of a country-style flair in the 60s and onward. The genre evolved further when musicians started further defining what “country” was in a rock and roll context, by covering familiar themes, vocal styles and certain instruments associated country. Pedal steel guitars, for example, are a staple of the genre.

Some believe that Bob Dylan was instrumental in defining the genre as well as the The Byrds. However, other artists contributed some classics including The Eagles, the Grateful Dead, George Harrison and even The Rolling Stones.

Of course, rock and roll itself was once a new genre having come out of country (which had already existed) fused with rhythm and blues. Rock musicians are still the ones that make country rock hits and the 60s decade and mainly to the 1970s are the most influential artists to make an impact. Even the Beatles made some distinctly country rock music, such as “I’ll Cry Instead” and “Baby’s in Black”.

When many artists became distracted with psychedelic rock, Dylan led a roots revival movement with his hit “Blonde on Blonde” and further country-fied the rock and roll style, and other artists experimented with adding blues and folk music to the same eclectic style.

If you’re looking for royalty free background music, country rock might be appropriate for films at certain highlight moments; such as the closing credits, an intro (if applicable to the setting of the film, and at intervals throughout the film if the song conveys an emotion or a thought to accompany the action. Even in documentary films, you might find country rock songs playing that fit the subject matter. Major narrative shifts in the overall story are a good place to put a particularly loud and memorable song with lyrics. However, sometimes incidental country rock music can be just electric guitar or guitar.

You can download mp3 wav files for your own personal projects and given your project a distinctive rural sound.

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