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A lively deep southern electric guitar riff with bass and drums. Reminiscent of a Memphis styled studio session.
Kinda naughty blues in the dark smokey bar room. This track has some cool, retro vibes, but is still a lot of sexy. Highly energetic and upbeat, dub drums, dirty guitars and hypnotic didgeridoo at the end of the loop. Perfect underscore for night clubs, road trips, high speed, extreme sports etc.
Catchy funky guitar over a rock rhythm groove and beat. Country guitar meets Billy Squire 80s rock. Energetic upbeat feel good track. Country rock in it's truest form. Good for determination, corporate, fun, motivated, excitement and any media needing a unique " up " playful sound.
Electric blues guitar duo with an edge. Medium slow. A sense of suspense, anticipation, contemplating with what may be coming. One guitar with a signature riff and second guitar with tasty licks. Great for suspense, pending confrontation, edgy contemplation. Similar to Mark Knophler, Eric Clapton.
Positive, energetic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and victory. This track will give everyone confidence in the success and strength!
Happy go lucky, lifting loop inspired by an old truck pulling up a hill with the folks in it being playful. Country Rock beat you can really get into, lead by spirit lifting strings and backed with guitar sounds.
This is as positive as it can get ! Happy bright bouncy, feeling so great ! A sunny flowing sound, pop rock style. Good for corporate uplifting scenes motivational and any media needing a happy upbeat vibe. Clean electric guitar, rhythm acoustic guitar, steady beat with bass and drums.
Postive and wholesome acoustic track. Relaxed, simple, carefree and energising. Alternative mixes and loops also available.
Upbeat good time southern rock, also good as country rock. Energetic and driving. Electric slide guitar, driving bass guitar and drums. Good for energy, good times, excitement, traveling, action, adventure and any media needing a positive driving! A live and real human sound. Authentic instruments and performance.
Medium time, steady, mellow country rock. Featuring electric bass, drums, electric piano, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar.
A rustic country style jig featuring Banjo, acoustic guitar, piano and fiddle create a vibrant and lively catchy soundtrack useful for advertising, commercial or happy project.
Good time rock n roll. Upbeat positive with energy. Driving crunch guitars, move your booty beat and rhythm. Excellent for any media needing a vibe for good times, good mood, uplifting energy and just plain ol' fun! Uncluttered tasty guitar licks, power rhythm guitar, driving bass guitar and drums
Bouncy lighthearted fun rockabilly. A sense of happiness and feelgood. A positive playful vibe. Clean electric guitars with the lead having a jazzy bluesy sound. Steady beat and groove of drums, bass guitar and second guitar. Good for many types of media tv radio commercials comedy ads videos.
A feelgood easy going vibe with a southern sound, unique original, featuring weeping guitar. A positive sense of nostalgia reflection and longing for a special time and place in life. Also good for optimism contentment, confidence in life, happiness hope. Good for scenic, travel, film, documentary.
Country blues music inspired by western and road movie soundtracks. Acoustic and electric slide guitars, different percussions from shaker to bombastic drum sounds. Can be useful for advertising, travel, nature and more.
A smokey electric guitar riff over a tight bass guitar and drum bed. A fire fueled Texas blues feast that will satisfy your journey.
Country blues music inspired by western and road movie soundtracks. Acoustic and electric slide guitars, different percussions from shaker to bombastic drum sounds. Can be useful for advertising, travel, nature and more.
Smooth slow dreamy. A beautiful heartfelt composition depicting romance caring love, emotional tender gentle. A cross genre of retro rock country Americana, Chris Isaak Wicked Game type sounding electric guitars. A nice steady atmospheric flow. Great underscore for film television narrative videos.
Corporate Pop-Rock instrumental track featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, strings, and drums. It conveys a sense of success and energy, power and motivation. It's perfect to motivate people towards business goals, ignite and empower sales force and people who need to have the right attitude to succeed in their lives. It can be used for various corporate projects with both promotional and commercial purposes. It's uplifting and happy, it definitely rocks!
Motivating, exciting and energetic background music. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, catchy riffs, beautiful solos, bass guitar and powerful drums. Begins with a peaceful acoustic rhythm guitar and evolves to triumphant parts with overdrive rhythm guitars and powerful drums with screaming solos.
New country with an Americana southern touch similar to early Steve Earle. Easy going feel, flowing, positive with a sense of feelgood contentment hope. Also reflective contemplative longing. Clean lead guitar with a catchy signature phrase, rhythm guitar with modern effects, solid bass and drum groove.
Pop, Reggae, Rock Instrumental with a touch of Blues, Funk and R&B mixed over a danceable beat.
Fun happy country americana. A happy go lucky feel. Feelgood, a little quirky. Clean electric lead guitar with a catchy hook. Solid rhythm of guitar, bass and drums. Excellent for comedy feelgood humor and any media needing a lighthearted wholesome vibe with a touch of quirky country bounce.
Positive uplifting heartland rock with a great feel. Upbeat with a steady rhythmic flow, catchy. Clean electric guitars, catchy cool bass guitar, good steady drum beat with nice subtle fills. A feelgood sound that 's good for motivational inspirational corporate moving forward discovery infographics.
This is a vintage sounding rock track full of energy and confidence. Performed with classic rock instruments - crunchy electric guitars, rock electric organ, grand piano and powerful rhythm section.
Joyful jolly easy going electric southern Americana rock. Electric guitar, picked and slide, a Sonny Landreth influence. The solid groove of bass and drums. A sense of good mood, happiness. Good for all media needing a lighthearted feelgood vibe. Good for light comedy as well. An uncluttered sound.
Upbeat bright positive rock, a fun playful sound. Clean electric guitars, cool bass groove, rock steady drums. Great for good mood, good times, motivation and any media needing a catchy feelgood sound with bounce. A live and human sound. Authentic instruments.
Motivating and uplifting background music track featuring acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, bass and upbeat drums. Positive and optimistic composition with the country and American flavour.
Dangerous action riffs, electronic drums and groovy bass with sound designs to rock up your project! Works well for extreme sports, action movies, videos about strong men, cool bikers, prelude to a fight, etc.
Country rock music is something that most people can identify, even though they may not be sure what defines the style. It is essentially a combination of rock and country but it was started by rock and roll singers who began using more of a country-style flair in the 60s and onward. The genre evolved further when musicians started further defining what “country” was in a rock and roll context, by covering familiar themes, vocal styles and certain instruments associated country. Pedal steel guitars, for example, are a staple of the genre.

Some believe that Bob Dylan was instrumental in defining the genre as well as the The Byrds. However, other artists contributed some classics including The Eagles, the Grateful Dead, George Harrison and even The Rolling Stones.

Of course, rock and roll itself was once a new genre having come out of country (which had already existed) fused with rhythm and blues. Rock musicians are still the ones that make country rock hits and the 60s decade and mainly to the 1970s are the most influential artists to make an impact. Even the Beatles made some distinctly country rock music, such as “I’ll Cry Instead” and “Baby’s in Black”.

When many artists became distracted with psychedelic rock, Dylan led a roots revival movement with his hit “Blonde on Blonde” and further country-fied the rock and roll style, and other artists experimented with adding blues and folk music to the same eclectic style.

If you’re looking for royalty free background music, country rock might be appropriate for films at certain highlight moments; such as the closing credits, an intro (if applicable to the setting of the film, and at intervals throughout the film if the song conveys an emotion or a thought to accompany the action. Even in documentary films, you might find country rock songs playing that fit the subject matter. Major narrative shifts in the overall story are a good place to put a particularly loud and memorable song with lyrics. However, sometimes incidental country rock music can be just electric guitar or guitar.

You can download mp3 wav files for your own personal projects and given your project a distinctive rural sound.

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