An intriguing English Horn led instrumental piece.
This ambient feelgood track opens with a warm electric piano pulse and continues into an understated, relaxing drum groove with gentle bells and a soft bass line.
Quiet, hypnotic and relaxing long loop, with hints of melody entrusted to the piano on a striking background of synthesizers.
'The Clock Is Ticking' is a very soft and quiet atmosphere track, with a very smooth and gentle piano sequence in the background.
Straight and hypnotic electronic track with lots of detailed effect sounds.
A duet of bass clarinet and plucked viola's give this piece a sense of just casually strolling along.
A psychedelic groove, perfect for games, apps, and more.
Very pleasant and soothing melody loop.
Solo voices and mixed choirs in this ambiental and melodic loop, intimate and melancholic.
Peaceful and sacred, beautiful boys choir
A contemplative bell introduction, perfect for cinema, games and more!
Gentle, atmospheric piano based background piece, with hypnotic harp phrases suggesting calm waterside ambience.
Complex loop, animated by pulsations of electric bass and percussions.
Enigmatic, dreamy, tense modern orchestral score with a dark harp sound as lead instrument.
This is a sequence of electronic ethnic music dedicated to the famous Spanish festivals of reconquest, better known as Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos
Laid back track with a rocky drums and gentle lush strings
Positive, easy-going, laid back track with mellow modulated guitars and powerful drum hits.
Versatile track with synth arpeggio, cello, glass marimba, piano and filtered drums.
Morning rays of light wash your face , a fresh breeze is playing with the curtains, and nothing seems to stop you from enjoying another beautiful begining of a summer day.
Magical ambience, full of waiting and childlike wonder, highly cinematic.
With a big bouncy beat, huge pumping bass synths, and syncopated leads, "Enjoyable Nightmares" is an energetic yet dark electronic song.
Playful upbeat glockenspiel and chirpy xylophone provides happy, cheerful and joyful animation or childrens theme featuring bouncy, catchy oboe and magical synths.
Simple lounge song performed on synthesizers featuring two different sections/harmony, in the middle section there is a softer percussion.
Lively flute and tuba combine with playful cheeky percussion elements to create a sense of comical mystery and suspense, as if a cartoon character was sneaking up to something before making a prank.
A very strange ambient, cinematic track.
SIGN OF THE CROSS has a great depth in its sound.
A very poignant guitar track.
Short chirpy animated loop featuring lots of fun and playfulness with a hint of magical mystery, featuring playful xylophone and comical drum snares.
Sad Ghost Story is a piece that evokes the sadness of a misguided spirit using quiet piano and harp melodies.
A calm relaxing track with nature sound of water and birds combined with bongos drums and rainstick.
A kind of beat inspired by all video games.
A Christmas track filled with wonder and discovery.
Electric keyboard and an array of string synths create futuristic space exploration music background, suitable for sci-fi or science investigation scene with an element of mystery and suspense.
Calm ambient track.
ABOVE THE MOUNTAINS holds an amazing and quiet depth from the initial beats.
'Endless Hope and Dreams’s is a smooth and mellow musical passage that can used on commercials, TV Ads, Games, Pad-casts and presentations and more.
One minute background music with classical piano and swaying synth creates spacious sweeping atmosphere.
Mystery music as its name goes is full of mysterious things, very surprising and so the people are so much attracted towards this type of music that they can't do away with it.

Mystery music is a very perplex type of music but even though it is a very different type of music, the people across the world like this type of music and they appreciate this music. Using it in movie is big part of attract of attention. The generation of this genre is quite extraordinary and different. This form of music is very demanding and it takes away the breathe of a person, has got no limitation and so it can be either be the different sounds of the animals or even the funny or the very critical gestures that are made b the people at times. The sound of the crows or even the blazing sounds of other animals can also be included in this type of music.

The mystery music loops seems to be very simple but actually it is not so as the musicians should have a proper knowledge about the insertion of the peculiar.

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