Dramatic track, performed by orchestral strings and percussion.
Active, energetic dance piece, based on a simple, repetitive guitar riff.
Inspiring, uplifting and edgy post rock track that builds from a soft and ambient beginning with cello to an air of victory and triumph made with guitars lots of delay that combine with huge sounding drums.
An upbeat and optimistic track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, piano, hand claps and catchy glockenspiel lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use.
Composed specifically for use in trailers and games, this epic hybrid track uses a full orchestra with contemporary synth sounds to create an awesome sense of drama, adventure and power.
A happy upbeat and fun little number featuring a ukulele and some light precusion ,creating and warm friendly fun loving and innocent atmosphere you cant help but smile and tap your foot to this track.
Zany electronic keyboard and synth effects backed with fast paced bass, and quick drum claps creates an ideal arcade theme tune useful for gaming purposes.
Sweet, fun and gentle easy listening track with sweet metal and wood Xylophone melodies, clean gentle guitars and open/festive drums and percussion's.
Funny loop about kids destroying a kitchen in good old manner.
Playful pulsing tuba provides happy jolly beat suggesting childrens adventure or animated scene.
Strongly cinematic, perfect to emphasize the atmosphere of Christmas, this loop fits well with his childish delight at every festive occasion.
Epic, majestic modern-orchestral score with sharp and edgy strings, powerful huge choirs and majestic, energy-packed drums.
This funny track brings life and cheerfulness in your project.
Cheerful children's piece with bouncy clarinet melody and featuring toy glockenspiel, and marching drums.
Using simple major chords, this song is all about being fun and happy.
Mighty electric bass guitar cut through fat synth mix.
The seven dwarfs are on the way to Snow White.
A duet of bass clarinet and plucked viola's give this piece a sense of just casually strolling along.
A very upbeat and playful tune.
Mighty orchestral track great for war movie or documentary.
Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood.
Ideal loop for commercials, adverts and more.
Dirty South Hip-Hop track with hard hitting 808 drums and synths
A happy, upbeat track designed with keyboard and electronic sound effects creates a joyful, bright and sunny theme which implies fun and happiness.
Nice and positive, feelgood music.
Bouncy bass melody with laid back drums and a synth style lead
Birthday is the best day of the year!
It is a musical sequence in a loop that is designed for the musical atmosphere of retro style games.
This is a high energy, adrenaline rushing, rock guitar riff track which drives forward full of confidence.
A dynamic house track.
These cute, funny toys in shop windows amuse us, making to smile
Big hits accentuated by dirty glitches run through this hard and heavy Epic Hybrid Trailer.
The morning After is a very soft and quite atmosphere track,with a very smooth and gentle piano movement in the background.
Country swing inspired by folks dressed up in a farmyard barn, and dancing during one of those sunsets that make the surroundings golden coloured.
This happy and upbeat instrumental background that is easy listening is perfect and for any project needing positive and cheerful music.
An intense dubstep style loop with suspenseful arrangement.
Pleasant, laid back song that makes you feel optimisitic.
High impact and high energy orchestral music, perfect for big action scenes and trailers.
A nice and playful background music track featuring ethnic drums, bells and viola.
Video games and mobile phone games require soundtracks and musical pieces as well. Such music is usually played while the game progresses. Music loops are an essential elements in the creation of video games. It is almost as important as the game itself. Melody Loops royalty free background music for games covers all platforms like iOS, Android and WM. Make your games as great as a background music you're using.

Music for video games and mobile games are digitally synthesized and compressed to be easily contained in the game's files and programming. For video games played on consoles like the SNES, Xbox, or PlayStation, the music is accessed and processed by the device's sound chip. The samples are stored in the memory and are played over and over, corresponding to the stage or game part that requires the musical clip to be heard.

In a desktop computer, game music loops are usually created and played back through MIDI sequencing. Desktop computers are equipped with sound cards that can process the digital files that contain the musicals of the game.

On a mobile phone scale, the game music is composed and stored in a smaller file format. This is generally required for them to be usable. Mobile phones have limited memory. High storage capacity required for the music of the games alone is not acceptable.

The more popular music for video games is created by gaming giant Nintendo, more particularly for its Game Boy series. More often than not, the music for video games are originally composed by talented musicians and then recorded into a format that is usable by the game program. It would actually depend on the platform on which it will be used.

Right now, there are video and mobile game music loops that are available for download. And they can be used for different applications. The music that was made popular by the game giants has high commercial value. This is the reason why they are used for other purposes like in advertisements, and multimedia messaging, among others.

Download royalty free background music for any use.
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